Making Monzo: Cheque Imaging


Don’t possess a cheque book for any of my six current accounts!


What do you typically receive cheques for?

Money from grandparents, train compensation

How much are the cheques worth?


How often do you personally write cheques? (And what for?)

Monthly or more often, complementary therapy - it’s cash or cheque only at most places for this, because they don’t want to absorb the cost of cards and don’t need to because their clients are normally pretty keen on getting seen…


I’ve had no issues with the HSBC app with several cheques. What’s the problem with it?

(Richard) #24

It just plain refused to capture the cheque. It kept telling me to move up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, but not actually capturing the image. It was well lit, on a contrasting background and I’m using a Note 9 so not exactly a bad camera either. No idea why it didn’t work, a quick scan down the reviews in the Play Store and a few others seem to have the same issue.


Do the existing banks use the same cookie cutter software (I guess?) in their apps?

(Peter Shillito) #26

What are the chances of this being live for the holidays? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Naji Esiri) #27

It won’t be :frowning_face: @theshillito You’ll have to keep those xmas cheques safe in the meantime! And empty selection box might do the trick :wink:

(Peter Shillito) #28

Well, I opened a Co-Operative current account on Saturday for cash deposits, so I might as well deposit the cheques in there :rofl:

(David I) #29


Is this a business delay (risk,policy,etc.) or a technical delay? I only ask as many other banks seem to have this up and running (including that old and slow bank :exclamation: HSBC :exclamation: )

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #30

HSBC, as a clearing house, will already be processing all cheques paid–in through a branch on the cheque imaging system, so it’s not a great leap to image in–app too.


I think I read somewhere that Monzo needs to become a cheque clearing bank first. And that the roll out isn’t in each bank’s gift - (or whoever it is now) determines the roll out schedule.

Sadly, I think this one is probably more regulation, compliance and bureaucracy than technical delay. :frowning:

(Jordan Taylor) #32

Rare I get checks, last few I’ve had have been HMRC but I believe that’s now paid straight into the bank? And then earlier this year I had a grant from a charity for help with costs related to the big C, which was my first cheque cashed in at Monzo.
I was quite nervous with sending the cheque freepost so did end up getting recorded delivery.

(Simon B) #33

Unfortunately cheque imaging has a long certification process :pensive:

(Peter Shillito) #34

This would make sense, as I get the impression Monzo send cheques off to a third party to process at the moment. When they’re certified for processing cheques themselves, I guess that would mean posted cheques would clear a bit quicker too prior to cheque imaging going live…

(Leonard) #35

Refunds mainly

Varies quite a bit, recently (the other month) received one for £20 whereas last tax year I got a cheque that was £700+ from HMRC. Had random ones in-between too.


(Scott) #36

My reasoning for cheques as like most have mentioned refund from HMRC. And cheques from gambling websites (which is once in a blue moon) :laughing:

  1. Freelance work with law firms. Apparently law firms clear funds to pay contractors quicker via cheques than BACS. I asked a lawyer friend and he said that’s normal in their industry because they can keep the funds to generate interest longer, better book keeping, foolproof (never have to worry about paying to the wrong account number, admin can do it without accessing the whole company’s bank account, revokable in case of dispute) and most importantly if the contractor forgot to cash it in within 6 months, it’s the contractor’s loss. Cheeky. :joy:
  2. Up to £500 (so far).
  3. Once and only so far, to a government body because they don’t take bank transfer and I don’t trust sending cash via post (duh).

I don’t see myself needing to use Monzo’s cheque imaging system just because the technology is too new to be 100% trustworthy (legacy banks are only using it with caution, processing time is still 2-4-6) and cashing into my legacy bank account already clears the next working day if sender’s account branch is the same as mine.

(TWN) #38

I topically deposit a checque every month mostly from friends who are old fashion in there approach to banking and don’t trust electronic transactions. Topical amount would be £150.00. On a more negative note can’t wait fore this new feature as you current sistem of depositing cheques is slow and very prone to mistakes and loss of the cheques I am sending you in the post.

(MikeF) #39

Has anyone actually lost a cheque using this mechanism or are you being theoretical?

I haven’t heard of any losses but I don’t read everything and, clearly, most customers don’t post here anyway.

(Peter Shillito) #40

I wouldn’t have said “prone to” but it’s certainly a concern I have with sending cheques in the post. Last time I got a few cheques I waited until I was next in London and dropped them off at HQ. I set up another bank account so I don’t have to do that now, along with paying in cash without a charge.