Making Monzo Better: The Big List

(Nick) #21

Boom! One less account I need to have kicking about.

(connorianreilly) #22

This list has hit the nail on the head. Looking forward to 3 month time where no doubt everything on the list is implemented :soon: :star:

(James Murray-Ferris) #23

Fantastic to see that we have been listened to on all the little annoying things.

I guess one question i have is will I be able to CASS over my Monzo Indivdual account to a Monzo Joint account so I don’t have to moved all my DDs again as my partner and mines default is everything should come from joint and we have a personal “allowance”

(Imran Mohammed) #24

I am really liking the transparency of your comms and obviously the big list! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

(Jack) #25

Probably can’t use CASS don’t think the service allows things to be moved between personal and joint.


Updates like this are why I love Monzo! Just wondering if there are any plans to enable us to change names or add images to payees? A couple of of the people in my feed come up in block captials or with their initials. It’d be great to be able to edit them so that the transaction feed looks cleaner.

(Nick) #27

I’m curious that Payee Management doesn’t seem to include adding payee details for future use?

I have a note somewhere of my ISA transfer details, whereas in the past I would have just entered these straight into the Natwest site and forgotten about it.

But otherwise, GREAT list.


Well, I have to say: I’ve been pretty critical of Monzo over the last few months, so it’s really nice to see that you have plans to address some of my biggest bug bears (PIN, joint accounts, web interface, intl. payments) in the fairly near future!

(Alex Brooks) #29

Incredible list! Feels like some real wind in the sails again.

For those who are more clued up on the feature sets of Starling, Revolut, etc. How does this compare?

(Tom ) #30

Goodness me - there’s a lot to take in here. Monzo is getting down to some serious business. Really pleased to see all the stuff coming over the next few months. Delivering on these commitments will make Monzo a no-brainer to anyone on the fence.

I’m surprised by a few of the announcements here -

  • How quickly joint accounts will be available
  • Interest on pots
  • A web interface for emergencies

This is all really positive stuff. Big thumbs up! :+1:

(yatin) #31

The main take away for me after I read this blog post - within 3 months I’ll be using Monzo entirely for my banking. So thrilled!

(Szabolcs Keresztes) #32

Great list, quite like the Recurring Payments section. Will be happy to use the features to make sure that I’m on the right track.
It’s nice sometimes to take a step back and catch up a bit with basic functionalities.

(Jack) #33

Any possibility of incoming salary payments being beautified as part of some of the DD fixes? Haven’t heard anything on this in a few months.
I understand if not, you’ve got plenty to work on and it will be done at some point :star_struck:

(Daniel White) #34

Wow, this list is excellent!

Really impressed to see Joint Accounts in the next 3 months making it to the list!

(Joe Walls) #35

All of these announcements look awesome, glad to see Monzo picking up traction again as it was looking like Starling was catching up.

Like many others I’m just waiting for joint accounts before I switch exclusively to Monzo. But will the CASS work with joint accounts?

(Jack) #36

This already works on iOS. Can anyone confirm on android?

(Andy Little) #37

Great stuff. I’m really happy to see that joint accounts will be coming in the next couple of months.

A couple of questions come to mind:
Will I be able to CASS my HSBC joint account over to a Monzo one? (Almost all of our direct debits are from the joint account)

I assume the joint account will be an additional account, so you’ll have 2 accounts with Monzo. Will a separate card be issued? Or do Monzo have something a little cleverer up their sleeve? (I saw someone make the suggestion of a 2nd pin, with the pin you enter determining which account the money comes from)

(Andy) #38

Very interested in Getting interest paid on savings.

This could be a game changer for me, drive me away from Plum and the final hurdle in committing to Monzo as my full time bank.


“Making Monzo Great Again!”

(Jonathon) #40

They can be if you ask - I had mine all done up :slight_smile: