Making Monzo Better: The Big List

(Stephen) #41

As much as ‘Custom pay periods in Summary’ is marked as done. More improvements need to be made for this to be worthwhile in my opinion.

Very few people (again, in my opinion) get paid on the exact same date each month.

(Jack) #43

Cool idea, maybe with the ability to swap the account attached to the card in the app? May get confusing for users though as to which is connected to what if they are in a rush.

(Jai Sullivan) #44

This type of transparency and clear direction is changing the game between Monzo and Starling - seriously tempted to switch (from my legacy bank) to Monzo given this recent announcement, plus Apple Pay (finally) being available.


They’re gonna build a wall - and Starling is gonna pay for it! :rofl:

(Andy Little) #46

I wouldn’t want to switch the account attached to the card in app. I’d always forget, just like I did when I had two cards registered on android pay. I bet it would work really well for some people though.
I can’t remember who suggested the 2 pins idea, I read it on this forum somewhere.


Yes, you can attribute a category to a direct debit on Android.

I wonder if this means something else? :thought_balloon:


I’m pretty sure they’re going for a two cards approach. At least to start with…

(Can’t find a reference, I think I read it on here though)


Great list!

@tristan When you say “adding Direct Debits to the feed” is this just to the feed or also to the pulse graph which doesn’t represent future standing orders or direct debits?


I interpreted this as a feed item showing, but for a future date when the value of the direct debit is known (banks know how much is going to be taken a business day or two before it actually goes).

Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but I’m not sure what else it could mean? :thought_balloon::eyes:

(Jai Sullivan) #51

I probably would have described myself as ‘on the fence’ until today - and I completely agree! Whilst the likes of Starling have recognised the demand for some of these features, ‘this is something we are working on’ is the only feedback to the community.

(Tim Kerby) #52

Joint accounts are great. Does this mean we can hold more than one Monzo account when the feature comes out?

(Jai Sullivan) #53

I haven’t used this feature yet, can you elaborate? I thought you tag your salary, and each time your salary is paid in it resets the month. I get paid on the last working day of each month, are you saying that this wouldn’t work for me in it’s current form?

(Stephen) #54

I thought so too, but unfortunately that never happened this month. I presume when you tag your wages, all it does is set the start date to when that payment was received.

Don’t think it’s clever enough (yet) to do what we require.

(Paul Davis) #55

This makes me glad I’m switching to you guys from Santander. Looking forward to the updates over the coming months.


I don’t think it does right now, but it’s something planned for the future.

At the moment if you’re paid on the 28th one month but the 31st the next, Monzo will assume that your month goes up until the 27th of the next month. You’ll need to manually reselect your salary to get back to the right cycle.

(At least I think this is how it’s been described - I’ll be able to confirm at the end of the month!)

(Jack) #57

Maybe you can scroll in the opposite direction on the feed and see into the future / view predicted transactions on what date and the graph reflects the change in balance / can show you if you’ll hit your overdraft etc and on what date :hushed:

(Michael) #58

I think it’ll work how the due payment for an Overdraft is done currently.



:heart_eyes: :monzopride: :rocket:

(Jack) #60

You’ll likely be aloud one personal and one joint.


This is great guys! Almost all the items in this list was wishes that I wanted Monzo to have in the future. Is so great that you take into account users opinion and this is why is turning in such a great service. My full switch completed few weeks ago and everything was trouble free and extremely easy. I’m most exited about the improvements on the recurring payments and the interests on the saving pots but I’m looking forward for all the other updates too.