Making international payments easier

This is the second time I am making an international payment and have had to put in the details four times!! (excluding the numerous amount if times I had to do it last month). I nearly paid twice but thank goodness a notification came up to say that the payment was made. Could you please put in how many characters or letters can be used for the reference section? Too many times I have had to do the whole procedure from scratch only to find the alternative reference names put in - also too long. Some of the fields aren’t functional either (obvious ones like county or state - on my fourth attempt). So irritating. If it happens again - perhaps I should use another bank - which would be a pity as I like using Monzo as it is usually very simple. Not a happy chappie.

If you make repeated international transfers, then the best choice for you would be to use another bank, or use another service like TransferWise. The Monzo offering is basic enough to be unusable for some people. It has been like this since they introduced it, and they have shown no inclusion far to improve it.

Thank you. Although I wanted to give Monzo the business as they have been great (no pushiness from them). I see they launched in the US so perhaps will ask the person receiving the money to open a Monzo and then it will be simple. Fingers crossed. Thank you though for the advice with TransferWise – will look into that as yes, this will be a regular payment for the foreseeable future.

Although it’s worth a try, I don’t think that will make any difference. I still think your best option is either a different bank, or something like TransferWise. I haven’t used TransferWise for transfers to the USA, but they work very well for transfers to Europe.

Starling may be a better choice. They’re very similar to Monzo in terms of app functionality but for domestic and international payees they can all be saved as payees and you can transfer money to them with ease. Very good rates also.

And if I’m not mistaken Monzo US accounts and Monzo UK accounts don’t have a simple transfer mechanism, it’d be the same as you sending money to any other US bank. No easier.

Unfortunately, Monzo US is currently working through a waiting list so it may not be an option if you were planning on doing it this month.

Thanks Jason.

Thanks TTJJ. That is great advice. Will look at Starling. Appreciate your suggestion and the process was easy enough, it was more about the clunky no back button or developer suggestions about the number of letters required for the reference field. You start doubting yourself after inserting the info in several times. Thanks again.

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