Expenses should be per transaction

I had to travel for work on Friday so I marked the TfL transaction on Friday to Expenses but, as with all other categories, when I travelled today for a personal reason it was marked as expenses.

As far as I can imagine, not every transaction with any merchant will always be for work so I thought how about a tick box instead of a category to mark it as expenses. The way I see it, the transaction is both expenses AND transport and to I should be able to mark both and not have to change from one to the other.

You could also then implement an “Expenses Report” which is like a statement of what you have spent for work so if you have to provide bank statements in the absence of a receipt, you do not have to disclose all of your personal transactions as well.


Monzo did say they were going to implement a toggle for the Expenses and Holidays categorises at the end of [this blog post](https://monzo.com/blog/2018/05/09/new-categories/.


Other thoughts

  • A Holidays toggle would open up loads of possibilities for improvements to Travel Reports.

  • Ability to produce a PDF expense report, which includes receipts, between given dates would be really useful.

  • Having a “Household” category and then another a toggle for “Bills” could be useful too, especially for categorising stuff like Netflix, Spotify, contact lense contracts, razor contracts etc…

  • Any transaction with a Holidays/Expenses/Bills toggle on should have the name of the toggle appear below the price of the transaction in the Home feed like transactions categorised as expenses do currently on iOS:

  • Completely agree that the expenses category/toggle shouldn’t be fixed to that merchant for future categories.