Make card glow in the dark

Would it be feasible to opt in for a Monzo card to glow in the dark? Would users find it a fun bonus?

I initially thought the pre-paid card with its fluoro pink cover would glow… and I’ve often mentioned it as one of the reasons I signed up - and friends with Monzo have suggested I post the idea here.

Some might dislike it so perhaps its an ‘opt-in’ option - but it could be useful when hunting for your bankcard in your bag one night. And it could complement the glowing fitness-gear cyclists and runners wear when they’re out after dark…


I think they do fluoresce very brightly under UV light if I remember correctly?

Not sure how feasible it would be to add Strontium Aluminate into the mix at manufacturing.


I think a large amount of people would hate this, you can corrolate with people who don’t like the current colour here: The Colour of the Debit Card

I wouldn’t mind though!


Well I guess it would have to make the card off-white/‘bogey’ green in order to work so you never know!

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Glow-in-the-dark can be done on other colours, but none that look terribly nice.

The Monzo card is fluorescent orange and glows nicely from below 368nm (BLB) up through at least the low 400s (cheap LED ‘blacklights’ that are violet, not UV).