Edge of card in unique colour

Would be nice if the edge of the Monzo card was colour other than white, Salmon perhaps?

Why? So I can easily find it.

The edge of my M&S card is green and it stands out in my wallet (As only the edges are visible).

See here and here for examples.


It’s a cool idea, I think Sam (one of Monzo’s designers) is a fan :slight_smile:



I can actually give a small update on this topic.

If everything goes well we will have coloured edges :boom:

We’re just getting approved the first designs of Monzo debit cards and we’ve decided to invest a bit more to replace the white layers that sandwich the contactless circuit (the dark thin layer you can see if you look at the edges of your Monzo card) for hot coral plastic.

We don’t know yet how the actual result will look but we hope it’ll make the card feel more like a solid object made of hot coral material :slight_smile:


Awesome. I was hoping you’d come up with something. Love it.

Great news. Keeping my fingers crossed for this!


That’s excellent - look forward to seeing the end result.

Awesome news. Keep sharing the sneak peeks!

Urgh! Yeah great idea instead of listening to the people that don’t like hot coral, let’s kill you all with even more hot coral.

I hear you, it’s always frustrating when you dislike something that many other people seem to enjoy. It happens to me with Star Wars, I can’t understand how people love that saga so much when I can barely stay awake while watching them (yeah, I’m ready to be hated right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

We are totally aware that not everybody likes hot coral. And I’m pretty sure sooner or later we will give alternatives but for the time being we are focusing on offering just one option, the option that is granting us great feedback (easier to operate and cheaper to produce). We’re still very small, please keep that in mind. We push harder on the things that seem to work for us.

So, once we’ve decided to keep hot coral I think it just makes sense to polish the result and make it even better. In this case by removing the ugly white layers that, to be honest, were never part of the design but a side-effect of the status quo on how cards are typically manufactured. As we learn more we get closer to our idea of a perfect hot coral card.

The good news is that, by the time we offer other options, we’ll pour the same passion on making those cards as perfect as we think they can be. Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:


It’s great to know that you are thinking of making other cards for those who want something more conservative. Also thanks for the response.

P. S. I agree with you on Star Wars! The original 3 were bareable but the rest no thanks.

I’m disappointed to here that you can’t get the pricing right on customisable cards (and the print/write/deliver process round them).

If you’re looking to improve the look of the current card, the thing that stands out the most to me is the size of the chip when it’s placed side by side with other smart cards - it looks cheap and nasty (edit : like Anakin and Padme rolling about in the grass).

Wicked stuff!! :smiley:

Can’t wait for the current account to drop! :slight_smile:

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Have you considered making the thin edges of the debit and/or monzo cards different and distinctive colours (or even striped) so they can be quickly identified when looking down at a number of stacked cards in a wallet. I have a couple of cards which have this feature (one has a lime green edge, the other red) and it’s really useful.

I’ve moved your post here as Hugo’s answered your question earlier in the topic, I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hopefully hot coral’s distinctive enough for you?

I’m OK with hot coral, all you have to do now is get the stripes (or would they then be dashes :thinking:) to run from front to back, rather than along the edge!

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