Make Apple Wallet Virtual Cards Shareable?

I often share many reward and store cards from my Apple Wallet with my partner, And I was wondering if this would be at all possible with virtual cards also?

I have a groceries card that debits from a pot of the same name and I would like to be able to share that card over messages for instance, so she can also use the same card.

Is it not possible to have your card on two devices? :exploding_head:

Never tried personally, but I’m curious to know.

Yes I have my cards on my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook Pro so could just set it up on a partners device and just approve it using the app but don’t know if this would be breaking some T&Cs of Monzo or not?


I’m not sure it breaks any terms, more a liability aspect and would be difficult to get your money back if you’ve permitted someone to use it kinda thing.

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Yes, it breaks the T’s and C’s. They say:

“When you add your Monzo card to your device you’re creating a new payment instrument you can use in the same way as your physical Monzo card. You’re responsible for making sure that nobody else has access to any device which you’ve added your Monzo card to. You’re also responsible for keeping your Monzo card details safe and not sharing them with anyone else. “


Perhaps as an employee of Monzo you shouldn’t speculate about stuff like this. Your defence of “views my own” doesn’t really work in a legal sense when you have the official Monzo flag next to your name either.


I’m not representing Monzo in any form, I’m just expressing personal opinions via an open forum.

Similarly, could say oh I gave X my card to go buy milk from the shop but they purchase a 2 month cruise.

Liability remains with the person who essentially opened themselves to this situation.


What are the potential ‘legal implications’ of the view expressed? I don’t see any.

I can understand their point, and I did say I’m not sure on the matter, I may work for Monzo but I don’t work in, or learn every and all aspects of the business, I don’t think it’s possible :joy:

But liability is a key factor here, which was my point.

Go ask your legal dept. and be sure to come back and let us know what they think.

@breville_monkey already pointed to T&Cs so I think that’s been covered.

As for getting money back, that’s the ultimate challenge.


Again, what is the actual risk here you think is worth asking them about? I really just can’t see what it is you are getting at.


By giving your card to someone I’m pretty sure you’re also at risk of any fraud claims and T&Cs being waived as mentioned above.

I wouldn’t give any family member your card unless they are an official additional card holder which is only possible with credit cards


So. This conversation came up before, and @Dan5 replied saying it’s “ok”…

So ignore everything else, and trust Dan who works on the fraud team :joy:


Some people are just built differently, just take it as that :stuck_out_tongue::face_with_monocle:


If we all followed every rule/T&C, life would be pretty dull.