How best to share card with wife? But Monzo denied her an account

Monzo for some reason denied my wife an account.

So what’s the best way to share a card? Mainly for holidays as I have a pot for holiday money.

Can I get a second card?
Can I add my card to her iPhone wallet?

Considering upgrading to plus so I can have “pay from pot” but that’s a lot just for that. Might just “swap” the amounts in the holiday pot with my main account when away. So just looking for the best way for my wife to be able to spend from it too.

Ideally she’d have a Monzo account but they just denied it and locked her out if the app with no explanation.



I was denied an account at first but emailed and they give me an account

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Nothing stopping you doing this however, you’d lose any chance of a refund if you had to dispute your wife spending more than you wanted her to.

Try Starling Bank, Monese, Revolut allows multiple cards linked to the same account and you can set limits each month.


How would you add a card to another persons iPhone, if that phone doesn’t have a logged in Monzo account? Is it possible?

In theory, you could use Apple Pay and give the card to your wife, but it would almost certainly breach the terms and conditions and possibly result in neither of you having an account.

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Pretty sure Monzo staff (@Dan5) said in the past sharing your card or adding your card to another family member’s Apple Pay wouldn’t lead to a fraud claim refusal.

Fraud in terms of giving wife details to add to Apple pay, later fall out, wife spends up on the card in spite, couldn’t claim fraud here.

If outside that circle you gave the details too, yes, but not in the above case.

Pretty sure @davidwalton has done this to give virtual cards to his kids.

I have someone else’s Starling card on my ApplePay. Logged in and added it then deleted the app. Easy.


This is possible (for kiddo’s over 13, as Apple won’t grant Wallet use to under 13’s) - Create a Virtual Card in-app, then manually add the VC details to the Kiddo’s iPhone Apple Wallet and it adds the Virtual Card. No :monzo: app needed on Kiddo’s phone - Kiddo taps phone at POS terminal with VC as the selected card and it deducts the amount from the Virtual Card balance just the same as any other card. It works really well as I get spending notifications. The only downside is they don’t have a physical card so can’t get emergency cash from non-tap ATM’s (the majority of ATM’s unfortunately)

I retain full control and they can use it with my permission. If they try & spend too much then they’ll get the nasty ‘declined’ experience. If they lose/misplace their phone, it still has the same security levels as anyone with a Monzo account and Google/Apple Pay anyway with Face ID security.


Well; that’s not fraud is it? :man_shrugging:t3:


No it’s not, but you’d be surprised most people would claim it is.

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Add Monzo to a curve card and she can use that

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Starling is another good choice. This is a card that takes from a designated pot, where you can put in a max of £200.

Thanks all for these suggestions!

My wife and I both already have Starling. She created a starling account when Monzo refused her. BUT she uses it for her business and doesn’t want to mix her business with personal. I use it for a side-income (rental houses). So therefore it’s possible we both need to pay for extra starling accounts to do it via starling, but it’s only £2 per account each month (£4 in total). So I’ll think about that.

I have Revolut. We used it when we go abroad. I thought about Revolut after posting. I could transfer a large amount over when we go away. I give her my physical card and I use contactless. Doh! Just realised I could do that with Monzo :person_facepalming:! Ideally I’d like pay from a pot but think I need plus at £5 a month. Maybe try swapping amount in pot and main account and doing this. This should work!

About my wife and I splitting up… I’m fine giving her my card on ApplePay if that’s a solution. I can always cancel the card if we do split, so don’t see it as an issue.

The virtual card solution I guess means I’ll have to pay £5 for plus.

Wife can get a free starling business account or you both just open a starling joint account with own account number, sort code, no extra checks and no additional costs for the JA.

Shared balance, account, spaces and kids kite card if you have any.

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