Made my first PayPoint deposit today

Me: Can I put some money on this one please?
Shop assistant: Yeah sure… Uhm this is your MasterCard

:joy::joy: I could see that one coming a mile off. But after the initial explanation it was a pretty seamless process!


Same experience here, one assistant had to ask the other but my cash was payed in within seconds.

Swiped the card, counted the cash and I get handed a receipt along with a notification of an incoming pay in; quick and simple. :grinning:


I deposited money twice the first time I said I’d like to put money on this please the guy look at the card, didn’t say anything the put the money on, the second time different shop the guy just took the card and topped up

Did my first deposit this evening at a Sainsbury’s Local. I told the girl just to swipe it and she said fine and it worked, she just was unsure what to log it on the till as. But other than that really smooth process.

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