Google I/O 2019

(Simon B) #1

Starts tomorrow! Anyone excited for this? I am.

What’s expected

  • third beta of Android Q
  • Pixel 3a
  • Wear OS news (some new hardware would be nice)
  • Nest Hub Max (apparently a much larger Google Home Hub, which may itself be rebranded as Nest Hub)
  • ?

I am also looking forward to this, will be nice to see where they are taking wear OS, I am also due an upgrade on my phone contract so will see what they will bring

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(NM) #3

I am excited for the summary when @simonb brings up the best parts :wink:

(Jack) #4

I’m interested in the Pixel 3a as it seems all the big players are going down the route of having a tiered product line for their flagship models.

I’d also like to see google wifi brought to the Google Home range. Most people who like smart speakers already have a few dotted around the house, so why not use that opportunity to create an awesome mesh wifi network within one device.

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(Faisal) #5

Looking forward to it also. Mainly the innovations to Health and UI. iOS to follow next month

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #6

I would love to go to San Fran next year to see I/O in person :heart_eyes: Definitely looking forward to catching the live stream (or catching up on YouTube, depends how busy tomorrow is :yum:)

Excited to see what Q Beta3 looks like :eyes: (I’m not going to flash Magisk supports the Pixel3XL on Q :see_no_evil:)

Hopefully Google pull a surprise out of the bag :raised_hands: I wonder if we’ll see anything on the Google Home side of things :thinking: Google were very keen on clearing out their old stock with mega discounts & the Spotify promo :boom:

(Tom ) #7

Hope we get some Stadia trail news :eyes:. Would be smart to get out of the E3 hype

(Nick Slade) #8

I’m getting confused with timings :man_facepalming:

Im assuming the Keynote is where they will announce whats coming up… I’m in the UK. What time/date is this on and where can I watch it?

(Tom ) #9

Today 6pm, On the official google Youtube Channel or

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(Chris Bigg) #10

Yeah I’d love to see a WearOS update. Apple have had such success with the Apple Watch so I’m hoping Google will capitalize on the market.

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(Brandon Billingham) #11

God they need to do something with Wear OS. Hardware would be a dream. Be a shame if it doesn’t happen

(Brandon Billingham) #12

It’s the one thing missing after my big switch.

(Ravi) #13

I haven’t been this ambivalent about IO for a while. My expectations are pretty low so hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

No chance of a decent Google Wear OS whilst they’re not making their own SOCs. Qualcomm could barely be less interested in watch chips.

(Sam) #14

Are my eyes deceiving me Marcus, or do you now have the forum flare that says you work at Monzo? :eyes:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #15

Good spot :wink:

(Simon B) #16

I’m in back-to-back meetings in Vegas where it’s the morning so this is the first time I haven’t watched IO live in years :cry:

Gonna have a lot to catch up on!

(👨‍💻) #17

There were some interesting bits with speech recognition/AI/machine learning. The live captions on any video is particularly cool. A lot of what was shown was leaked way in advance though, particularly hardware related. And Android Q seemed to be things already in the beta or guessed.

On device Assistant looks so much snappier.

Oh and Duplex on the web seems pretty cool.

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(Brandon Billingham) #19

I just want to be able to ask Google Assistant to add something to my shopping list in Google Keep and not some random website.

Or add a reminder in Google Keep and not some random reminder section of the assistant I can never find. :persevere:

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I think everyone who uses an Assistant device as an alarm can agree just having to say ‘Stop’ instead of ‘Hey Google, stop’ was the best thing announced. :smiley: