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All seems ok.

One incompatible app which I didn’t use anyway.
An issue I that occurred was that it did freeze when loading up the desktop for the first time. I had to reboot.

Looking forward to screen time being on my Mac, and the ability to use sidecar.

Overall though I hardly use my Mac. It’s been in a draw all summer.
Hopefully it will get more use now we’re back to studying :upside_down_face:

I wish my Mac was compatible with Sidecar, I just missed out :frowning:

Oh there’s a cut off? I may be out of luck. I think mine is mid 2015 MacBook Pro.

Only MacBook Pro 2016 on wards I think.

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Will think about putting on my 2017 MacBook Pro.

Hmm… Catalina has been “Estimating time remaining” for just under 3 hours. This seems to be acceptable to those that know about these things. R-

Mine was like that too - eventually updated, though… :slight_smile:

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I have so many Steam games that are 32 bit (that I’ve not even played yet!). Looks like I’m going to have to dual boot my Mac if I want all the shiny new Catalina goodness.

After about 8 hours it looks as though the progress bar is moving, albeit slowly. R-

Are you using a super old computer or an actual HDD? Mine took nowhere near that long to update.

It’s a 2014 purchase - so getting on a bit. I think part of the problem [from what I’ve read] is the backup, which apparently I should have done just prior to kicking it off. I didn’t worry about it at the time as everything is backed up to an external WD hard drive which I imagined would be sufficient. R-

Well the update finished after about 10 hours and then I got stuck on “Setting up your Mac”. Both are well reported on the WWW - and the solution for the last situation at least is to force a reboot [power cycle]. This I have done and now I am “Preparing to Import Mail Messages”. Without doubt - for me - the worst Apple update I have encountered. R-

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Left mine downloading last night. Had been saying ‘in a minute’ for about an hour, so closed the lid and went to bed. Will see what state it’s in when I get home.

I’ve been on the BETA though, and have to say that I do like some of the new features. Files (once they let use share them in March next year) and new Reminders mean I have stopped paying for Dropbox and Todoist!

I had the same issue, stuck on “setting up your mac” I left it about an hour and then force reboot the device.

All seems fine now.

The actual update only took about an hour to install for me (Macbook Pro 2015).

I will stop banging on about this - shortly. The Importing mailbox dialogue now informs me that my 1,080,120 messages from Gmail will take approximately 9 hours 36 minutes to download. Luckily I have three other devices on which to deal with email and, being retired, none of it is life threatening or revenue critical. R-

OK - last word from me. If you get stuck on the Importing Mailbox issue go to System Preferences > Internet Accounts and delete the email account giving you the problem. Wait a few seconds and reinstall it. This from Apple Support - way above my pay scale. R-

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We do not have a thread for Seqouia, but I don’t feel we need one, anyway. iPhone screen mirroring doesn’t seem to be included in beta 1

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I will not be installing the Beta! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fixed it for you :upside_down_face:


I’m using my Mac to store my archived iOS backup in case things go tits up, so not happening.

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