Mac Desktop Client

(Red Davis) #21

Hey! A friend and I are currently working on a Mac client. No promise of when it will launch as we’re just working on it during our spare time but you can sign up for the beta here

Here’s a little sneak peek -

Cheers, Red

(David McKeitch) #22

Signed up. Love a good native mac app. :wink:


me too!

(Andrew Ross) #24

And another signed up. :slight_smile:

(Chris) #25

This looks interesting, would be happy to beta test that.


I’ve also signed up.

(Keith) #27

Me to. Should be worth trying out.

(Ryan) #28

Would it be worth using Electron for cross-compatible desktop apps, @robcalcroft?

(Rob) #29

Desktop apps yes, however I think the web is a better platform for distributing this media. Electron uses web tech anyway, only advantage of Electron I see is some lower level API access, which I can’t see an awful lot of use for at the moment. Browser has native notifications etc.

(Rob) #30

With help from the community we have a brand new version of Monzoweb :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #31

I can’t check this out at the moment but I’m sure it’s awesome :wink: so…you should submit a pull request to get Monzoweb added to this list -

(Rob) #32

The author of that repo has already found me :wink:

(Alex Sherwood) #33

Ah, I searched for monZoweb…


Also whilst third party, you may want to take a look at something another member mentioned in a previous thread a short while back called Quids which their website describes as “the personal bank feed for your Mac.”

I think it looks and sounds pretty similar to the feature request you was after Jay? :smiley: