Finished building my Monzo desktop app


So I posted a while ago about a small application I was building. Been working on it for a while and I think it’s ready for others to check out :slight_smile:

App link:

Let me know if you encounter any issues or have some feedback.

Hope you like it!


How you make it work?


Hi Danny,

I assume you’re curious about setting up?
There are instructions on the link I posted. If you hit any obstacles please let me know and I’ll try and help!


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This looks great.

Never done anything like this (build an application on a Mac) before personally, but how hard could it be, eh? :wink:

Will try to remember to give it a try this evening and let you know how I get on.

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Yeah looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks.

If you don’t come from a developer background you might run into a few hurdles as you’ll need something called node installed.

I’ll update the instructions to reflect this

All is fine until

clone the repository: git clone

is there a FAQ for non-dev types?

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I’ll update the instructions with some prerequisites and let you know when they’re ready

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Thanks! I’m sure some googling would make it make sense.

It looks great from the screenshot! I’m constantly loading the app to check my balance before purchasing stuff, and most of the time I’m sat at my computer, so this looks perfect! And thanks for the dark mode.

What about us N00Bs with Windows ? I’d love to see a Windows friendly Monzo app

Ahhh ok I will have a look later on when I get back.

I will get stuck so I hope they are like really easy instructions, instructions that even my mum could follow :joy_cat:

Think you have summed it up right there… :wink:


Windoze :upside_down_face:

So I’ve built something like this for windows before and it’s not nearly as useful as you cant display text in the taskbar. Only an icon.

I could display a balance in the drop-down menu but then i feel it kinda defeats the purpose of it being quick and easy. I just thought it would be cool to view your balance at a quick glance

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Smells like Electron… I think I’ll pass, I don’t want to melt down my battery and waste my RAM. :wink:

I’m tempted to have a look at doing the same thing in swift and making it a native Mac app.

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I’m afraid so.

It’s tiny though. Memory usage is around 50mb for me. It could be smaller yes, but I don’t think it’s ridiculous.


I did start one in swift but I’m relatively new to development and JS is my thing at the moment. I started to hit a few frustrating hurdles so decided to go back and rewrite it in JS.

What sort of hurdles?

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I didnt know swift well enough to finish the app the way I wanted to. As I said earlier I’m quite new to software development, and I’d rather spend my time getting to know one language well before starting others.


Very cool @JohnE, like it!

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