Remember it is a bank account!

(Nick) #1

I read with interest the “ideas” being shared - but I do think we need to remember Monzo is a bank account with a really nice user interface/experience.

If all the ideas are implemented we will end up having a bloated app that not only can book and pay for a taxi, but can also do your grocery list, provide recipes and track how much it all costs! OK I might be exaggerating a bit, but some of the suggested ideas really are not what you would expect a bank account to be.

I’d so much Monzo focus on being the best at managing and reporting on your money and leave “specialist” apps to book flights, holidays and organise shopping lists!

(Alex Sherwood) #2

I understand your concern but I think this feedback is much more useful it’s in context - if you share it in response to the specific idea. Perhaps the user has thought of a way to implement their request which you hadn’t considered? After all, there’s lots of different ways to handle data / functionality so it’s fair to assume that nothing is off limits.

Monzo are aiming to provide a much better user experience than your legacy bank’s app & that will mean that there are things that you see in the app which you’re not used to seeing until now…

(Nick) #3

I agree - but think we need the focus on providing banking first - and not get into booking holidays, travel, etc… just my opinion obviously…

(Alex Sherwood) #4

That’s true, I spend a lot of my time pointing out that features are unlikely to be built until the API is ready :slight_smile: but there’s no harm in posting your idea in the meantime, right? Users just need to be aware that they might have to wait a while before Monzo work on it.

I think it’s reasonable to point that out to anyone who posts a suggestion here, you’ll save me some work if you do too :raised_hands:

I wouldn’t want to put anyone off sharing their ideas though, 3rd party developers are seeing these posts too & I’d like to think that they’ll be inspired by these suggestions.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #5

whilst I agree with Monzo is a bank 1st and foremost I think Tom and the team at Monzo are aiming for more than "just " a bank.

hopefully it will be like comparing the legacy banks of today as Henry Fords model T to Monzo (or somebody like Monzo) being more like Google self driving cars - both are cars :slight_smile:
an interesting podcast from Tom sometime last year is well worth listening to about how the new banks are trying to transform banking as we know it - the sound isn’t great in places

(Nick) #6

I’m not griping about this - I’d just not want what could be an excellent banking experience trying to become something for everyone - I think you can’t be experts in everything and thats why the market place and third-party integration is good.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #7

no - Im not suggesting in any way you’re griping about it - apologies if it appeared that way :slight_smile: :slight_smile: your view in my opinion is what Monzo are doing - first and foremost their bank services - then getting ideas to add to their own on what they can do next after all the bank details are sorted out

(Tommy Long) #8

I think you’re missing the point… Monzo as a bank account will stay pretty minimalist but they fully intend to have a large ecosystem of addons provided by the full API

(Naji Esiri) #9

I totally agree with this! Providing a smart and simple banking solution is paramount and we’re determined to keep our focus on delivering this above anything else. It’s important that we recognise what we can do well and acknowledge organisations out there doing great things and providing awesome solutions in other areas of personal finance and beyond. Rather than looking to compete with them, there may be some exciting opportunities to work with them in future using a marketplace framework as Tommy explained

I think the forum is a great platform sounding board to discuss and share ideas on what Monzo could become- no matter how wacky or wonderful! There’s no commitment to action needed, sometimes it’s just fun and interesting to throw around suggestions and talk them through with other Monzo customers!

(Nick) #10

Totally agree. I said I read the posts with interest; but I’ve also been involved in development and trying to be everything to everyone is impossible. I’m not suggesting for the minute this was Monzos approach at all, as I know it’s not - it’s just amusing to see some of the ideas that a clearly so far away from what banking is…

(Herp Derp) #11

Heres an idea, make another app?

One for straight up banking and the other for promos etc, I know Three do it and some others.

WIll be more work and you never know it might drive people to sign up for an account?

(Nick) #12

Great idea. Banking generally has so much functionality that will need to get built into the Monzo app at some stage - I’d hate to see a bloated app full of other stuff that’s not needed for typical banking.

(Zain Jetha) #13

Fully agree with all of what you’ve said, and I’m also incredibly keen that the app is kept simple and straightforward without too much clutter. I think loyalty integration (club card, nectar etc) may be even stretching it a bit, but I’m keen to see what will happens.

Monzo’s marketplace will be pretty cool though, and I’m intrigued how they will manage integrations like Nutmeg, and other savings accounts. The plan is that these will all be manageable and usable from within Monzo - this concerns me, given that each of these providers has spent considerable effort crafting their own UI and platform, so I hope it’s not just all crammed into Monzo.