My Monzo Investor card was stolen - My experience

Last week my wallet was stolen with my Mondo Investor card in. I hadn’t realised I lost my wallet, until the next morning when two alerts popped up on my phone showing the locations of the card use.

I went to the locations with my girlfriends bright mondo card instantly jogged the memory of the servers. I got the thief’s description and confirmed it had been caught on CCTV.

Even after it was frozen it logged later attempts to use it, again great for further CCTV and evidence.

The whole experience was as good as it could be from a users perspective. Without the notifications and locations I may have lost more than I did.

Thanks, Monzo


hopefully your card has now been replaced with little fuss - shame you are now a Monzo beta rather than a prized Mondo Investor card :slight_smile:

  • my friend lost her card last week , searched throughout the house but couldn’t find it informed the in app chat and her card was delivered the next day - she was very impressed

It was a shame and surprise to lose the investor status (I posted a feature thread about it) but everything else went fantastically :+1:

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Great to hear :slight_smile:

Another reason to keep the hot coral colour. Security is a benefit I hadn’t considered!