Lost for words honestly, where do you begin?

I’ve never seen the attraction. All my cards are on Google Pay/Curve now so I barely ever see them already!


Or maybe a Blue Moon Wheat/White beer. That’d do the trick :partying_face:

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It looks very cool in GPay:


I wouldn’t want to turn this thread into one about the merits of a metal card…oh, go on then. :sweat_smile:

That card looks white-ish. Just saying…

And it’s the same colour in Apple/Google Pay it appears :smirk:

Good job it’s free…:woozy_face:

(It’s ok - I’ve got my coat…:flushed:)

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Oh dear :rofl: the shame

Bleach maybe :thinking::rofl:


I’m genuinely wondering what kind of leather wallets people have in what finishes. I would love to know what actually causes that!

(For what it’s worth, my metal card looks pristine after a whole year of active use in a black leather wallet, minus the usual faint contact lines along the chip and very light marks on the back from it hitting things.)


Just wrap your card in this

Job done


I’d assume the leather kind… unless they are into Pleather…

Edit: same thing happens with my Monzo card in my leather bellroy sleeve

At least it’s not vegan leather… aka NOT LEATHER! But a weird substitute that costs more than leather

Unless it’s made from real vegans of course

The only issue i had with my Metal Card is that a card reader scratched it. In terms of keeping it clean I’ve not had any issues with discolouration as such. They allow the option to change back to a coral plastic card now for free if you want a free replacement.

I could be wrong but if your card is stolen then the replacement fee is waived?
Im not 100% sure in that one though. I think Monzo should offer a black alternative or some different colours that don’t discolour easy like Curve offer Red and Blue.

Oh, I’ve just remembered my own solution from earlier:

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Another solution would be to stick it in a drawer at home and then pay with Google/Apple pay everywhere :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


There are different grains of leather and different ways leathers are either dyed or painted.
Which could affect cards differently

oh I know… I was being cheeky… i’ve had this problem with my Monzo card with a variety of brown leather wallets.

Given Apple provide cleaning instructions for their card… we could assume the metal used in ‘metal’ cards is prone to staining. So pointing the finger at leather wallets is pointless.

Also to be fair… we could point the finger at Monzo’s suppliers…given the plastic cards suffer the same fate.

The cards aren’t staining themselves though, are they?




A self staining card…If I could prototype that and get a patent, by next year I could be…still broke.

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Only monzo cards…

Except these are produced by a different company entirely to the previous 3 manufacturers of the coral + plus cards :grimacing:

It’s Monzo’s new initiative when cancelling - instead of sending unnecessary cards, they just trigger the current one to ruin itself. It’s all about that image!

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