Very Disappointed with the Metal Card

I’ve been using a metal card for one month and I keep it in a leather wallet, like most people do. The metal card now contain a lot of black dirt, which I couldn’t remove with a wipe.

I would have preferred to select a color other than white, but it was the only choice. If white is the only option, it would be better if it could be covered with a plastic or similar material. I was quite disappointed with Monzo.

This is not how a premium card looks like. Actually, it’s the worst looking card in my wallet.


You chose a white card and now you’re annoyed that your wallet has made it dirty?


Do be aware some fabrics, like leather and denim, might cause permanent discolouration that will not wash off.


I tend to agree, the metal card really does not wear at all well. Mine after 18 months of reasonably careful treatment is looking pretty tatty.

Arguably it’s a rather unimportant element of the account given the advent of device-based payments, but it’s still one that costs Monzo quite a lot of money to provide which could no doubt be better spent.

Perhaps they’ll either re-design it or change it completely when the packages are reviewed.



Perhaps worth moving that thread into this or moving this to that but changing the title.


Have to say I agree with the OP that it was either a bad decision on the design or just not good quality. Premium cards shouldn’t be this bad through regular use, and it’s one of the few areas I can’t understand why folk still defend Monzo.


My wallet has marked all of my cards. Is that Monzo’s fault or mine?


I don’t know what wallet you have but exactly 0 of my cards have ever been marked (at least noticeably) in my life until the Monzo Premium card. Ever.

The blunt dismissal of your reply probably wasn’t the most helpful of comments, I’m just going to be honest with you as I respect your posts.

It’s a known issue (I believe Apple also have this issue but I don’t see it on here obviously) so it is with Monzo for that design. Metal cards by default do not mark. I have had only a few white cards (or light cards) and none have marked from normal usage.

Particularly if this is a card that in theory would be £50 to replace.


I don’t know if it’s the cards or if my wallet is good/bad quality leather and that’s doing it but I’ve had 2x coral, a yellow and a Plus card all marked by it.

They all still work, same as OP, so didn’t feel the need to replace because they looked a bit dirty.

It’s a bad design choice to go with such a light coloured design but if you have a card this light in this material, it’s going to attract marks.

Sounds like you need some protective bank card sleeves. The transparent RFID ones you can get at the airport should keep them pristine.

Comments on the topic really surprised me and I found them funny actually. I’m using 4 different cards (and used many more before) and never had this kind of problem. I’m simply storing my credit card in my wallet. What else should I do with it? If the card gets dirty in a typical wallet (and it’s the only card experiencing this issue), it’s the card’s fault, not the user’s. A good product owner wouldn’t blame the user.

And I find this warning very very funny

Do be aware some fabrics, like leather and denim, might cause permanent discolouration that will not wash off.

They are saying you shouldn’t put your credit card into a leather wallet? It’s like Apple warning to not put Iphone into your pocket.

You can blame me. I don’t mind. However, anyone with a basic understanding of business and product knows that it’s Monzo’s fault.


You are aware that white is the only option and we can’t pick color right?

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Speaking of Apple, they have the very same warning with their credit card!

Some fabrics, like leather and denim, might cause permanent discoloration that will not wash off.

Monzo nicked it, almost verbatim (just added Do be aware in front and britishified it). I can only surmise that it’s due to the colour being white (since the coatings and materials used are different between those two cards).


You didn’t have to take the premium card

oh well

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I sort of get this but sort of don’t. For some the card is absolutely part of the premium experience and I guess you’d like it to look like a premium product which, after it’s marked, it doesn’t.

Colour would’ve helped here. My HSBC premier card (black) looks a little poor now because the wallet has done its thing. Whereas the credit card (purple) looks almost brand new. I think it’s fared up better.

I’d love to see a metal card that stands up to scruffs a little more. Maybe if they’de done hot coral or blue, that might’ve been possible.

But where I agree is that it’s a certainty that the card will get scuffed and that’s life. Don’t want to get the card marked, seal it in glass and put it out of sunlight on your desk.


I’ve had a fake leather M&S wallet for years with cards that have been there for years. They all look pretty much as new.


I’ve never had a single mark from wallet to card either, my metal gold Revolut card looks pristine still.


My Monzo Neon card went the same when kept in my wallet. Mainly caused, I suspect, from the other cards in my wallet that have embossed numbers.

The cards in the other side of my wallet, all of whom are printed cards, have had zero pressure transfer :person_shrugging:

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