Lost access to Google Authenticator - forum account recovery

As the title says - I have an older account here on the community forum, and I would very much like access to it - but it’s locked with a 2FA code from my old Google Auth app on my previous phone that I no longer have access to. Is there any chance of getting access to that account again?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Rhys :wave:

If you send me a DM, I can take a look into this for you.



Hi Alan - So sorry, I have no idea how to DM on here! Can you tell me how I go about doing that?

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I’ve sent a message to you which you should get as a green notification at the top right of your page :smiling_face:


Hi Alan,

Sorry, is there any update on this? I was hoping to get access to my previous account.


The message above yours is from Alan saying that he sent you a private message on here. Did that not arrive?

It did not - I replied a few times, but to no avail

Well - he did initially DM me on 26th Jan.

I wrote back on the same day. Then again on 30th Jan, then again on 9th Feb. Then again today in this thread.

Ahh hopefully he sees this nudge and gets back to you soon then :slight_smile: