Looking to sell shares


I offer £2.99

I have a very unorthodox negotiation strategy

(James Prince) #168

as mentioned above if anyone is interested in purchasing 259 shares please inbox me personally.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #169

The fact that you’ve asked this twice now and the seller hasn’t responded is worth noting.

Use caution people :face_with_monocle:



(James Prince) #171

He did respond.
I am just looking for other offers.

If you are not here to purchase shares I feel as though you’re input is irrelevant. :handshake:

(Splodf) #172

What price are you looking for?

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You’re being evasive and vague with the details around selling your shares. So as a member of the community it is absolutely relevant that I flag this for others to take heed. Helping each other is what we do :slight_smile:

May I suggest that if you want to be taken seriously then you do the following:

*State a price for what you’re selling them for
*State a reason for selling immediately after a crowdfunding round (doesn’t have to be exact if personal)
*State if you have permission to sell from Monzo

When you’re not answering the basic questions and you keep asking people to PM then you will be seen as a risk, especially when you’re asking for thousands of pounds.


£2.50. It’s Christmas.


Hi there,

I’m interested in buying Monzo shares for the appropriate evaluation. If anyone on here is interested in selling, please message me. Cheers.


(Yen Pham) #176

As it’s been buried somewhat in the thread, I thought I would re-link to this post clarifying under which conditions a transfer of shares is possible.

As far as I am aware all of this information continues to be accurate:

– You can only transfer your shares to a spouse, civil partner, child, grandchild; the trustees of your family trust; or a company in which you or your trustees hold all of the shares
– If this is not the case, as @Ordog suggests above, you have to seek approval from Monzo’s board via Crowdcube to sell your shares due to “exceptional circumstances.”

You can’t split your holdings, and can only make transfers of your entire share ownership from a given round. i.e., if you’ve invested in multiple rounds of crowdfunding, each round counts as a block, and those shares can only be sold as a block.

Please keep these in mind as you discuss! Thanks.

Edited: to reflect @iansilversides’ note about selling in blocks.

Looking to buy Monzo shares
Monzo shares to buy
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“You can’t split your holdings, and can only make transfers of your entire share ownership.”

  • this should have “in that round” appended to the statement

I believe this is each individual funding round “block” as opposed to entire share ownership

ie - if you have bought shares in each round, each round is a block of shares which could then be sold as the block and still retain the other blocks - you cannot spilt individual blocks :slight_smile:

(Only available in amateur ) #178

So as an easy way to get round these rules the buyer and seller could get married/civil partnerised transfer the shares and then divorce? Seems the easiest option :thinking:

(Yen Pham) #180

Thanks @iansilversides! Have edited accordingly.


Hi there, I’m still keen to purchase shares. Are you still selling?

(Petra KH) #182

Hi, do you still have shares to sell?

(rhysmerrittis) #183

Hi - I have 995 shares I’m looking to sell.

Contact me if you are interested in these

(Will ) #184

I have 259 shares of anyone wants to make sensible offer. Can’t be broken down, Must be totally 259 together. Cheers

(Gus) #185

I have a couple of shares I want to get rid off. Please contact me if interested.

(Michael) #186

Have you already got confirmation that you’re able to sell? How many have you got?

(Gus) #187

I do have confirmation. I have just six, but am not interested in owning them so please let me know if you are interested.