Looking to sell shares

(Michael) #147

By total coincidence 259 shares is the maximum you could buy (at £7.71) a couple of weeks ago

Out of interest, is there a reason you are looking to sell, as the amount and timing could be seen as a bit curious?

(Siobhan Luke-storrod) #148

How much are you sellinh these for?

(Andre Borie) #149

I may be looking to buy a small amount of shares; PM me your offers.

(Splodf) #150

Quick buck I would imagine.

Taking an advantage to quickly turn 2k into 4. It’s an investors dream.

(Michael) #151

Yeah probably, but I was (out loud anyway) going for a benefit of the doubt

Not sure Monzo would consider that “exceptional” circumstances

(James Prince) #152

Interested to know if anyone would be interested in buying or selling shares.

(Only available in amateur ) #153

You need permission due to exceptional circumstances if you want to sell

(James Prince) #154

Please Direct Message me if you are interested in purchasing up to 259 Monzo Shares.

(Splodf) #155

A very long term investment.

(Michael) #156

I’ll offer you £7.69 each…


I’ll buy all at £3 per share.

It’s a bear market I hear.

(Michael) #158

Curious to how you ended up investing £2000 into Monzo shares three or so weeks ago and now need to sell. Care to share?

(Sam) #159

Opportunism? :face_with_monocle:

(Michael) #160

Aye probably, but giving very maximum of benefit of the doubt (out loud)

(Splodf) #161

£3.01 a share. Let’s prey on the desperation.

(James Prince) #162

no not at all, I just feel as though I could use the money elsewhere. I am happy to keep the shares if no-one wants them but I am also happy to sell.

(Only available in amateur ) #163

You’ve got permission to sell?


I will equal your offer £3.01 per share but also offer two small round buttons, one green and one red!

(Splodf) #165

That’s mad money. The shares are yours.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #166

I’ll have a go at £3.02 per share