Looking to sell shares

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How much are you selling them for please and if you don’t mind me asking, why did the last sale fall through?

Edit: I’d also recommend that you contact @simonb to confirm add your investor badge to your profile, here on the forums :slight_smile:

(Gus) #189

Hi, the last sale did not fall through! This is my first time selling.
I will sell them for any reasonable offer.
Thanks, I will do!
If interested, could you send me a private message to sort everything?

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Ahh ok no problem, then I think you may have got confused with the question @michaelw90 asked which was:

Because in order to get permission you need to state who your buyer is and then it is voted on by people on the Monzo board. The process seems lengthy and will only get approved if you have ‘exceptional circumstances’ as the reason for sale. (don’t state the reason here on the forums though!)

(Michael) #191

Happy to buy all six shares. WIll send you a Pm

(Kieran) #192

I have a block of 70 shares I’m willing to sell. PM me for more

(Kieran) #193

I’ve just had a message from Crowdcube saying that you can only sell the full allotment, not blocks of shares. I’ve got more than 70, so I guess I won’t be selling :neutral_face:


Full allotment as in all shares across all rounds, or full allotment as in all the shares from a given round?

So if I bought 10 in round 1 and 5 in round 2, do I have to sell all 15 in one go or can I sell in two blocks of 10 and 5?

(Kieran) #195

I specified that I had 3 blocks and wanted to sell 1 - and they came back to say that it wasn’t possible. So ‘full allotment’ appears to be all shares held.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #196

From a post 18 above this that’s not the understanding of a Monzo staff member (@yen ) , logically each block of shares from each round is a separately purchased entity that should be able to be sold in a single transaction , but not split into a smaller holding, maybe refer crowd cube to this thread ? not doubting Yens advice but maybe @tom could clarify where Monzo stand on this as there seems to be conflicting advice between Monzo and Crowd cube ?

(Kieran) #197

I’ve gone back to Crowdcube in an attempt to clarify this - so watch this space

(Phillip Tate) #198

If anyone is genuinely looking to sell some shares drop me a message. Happy to add to mine.

(Will) #199

Hi all! I’m looking to sell a block of 995 shares. Please PM me if you’re interested.

(Dan) #200

Did Crowdcube update you on this?

(Kieran) #201

Crowdcube responded with “There is no partial transfer permitted for the same round, but if you have invested in three rounds then we can do a transfer for the one full holding”. Which I think means you can sell all shares from a single round.

(Dan) #202

Well in that case… I’m looking to sell 995 shares.

If anyone is interested in buying, PM me and we can discuss.

(Paul) #203

Out of pure curiosity, if you’re willing to share, why do you want to sell them?

(Dan) #204

Of course :smiley: I’ll DM you.

For others that might be curious… It isn’t anything to do with Monzo. My confidence with the company is at an all time high & I imagine the price of Monzo stock in the not so distant future to be at least a factor of 10 greater than it is today. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Hi all! I am selling all my 259 shares. Please PM me if interested.

(Nirmit Hiren Upadhyay) #206


(Nirmit Hiren Upadhyay) #207

I’m interested in buying 100-1000 shares.
Anyone looking to sell, please PM me.
Thanks :slight_smile: