New monzo user looking to buy shares

I have noticed many selling shares, I’m in the UK and would be interested in purchasing £3000 in shares. I have a couple of questions first. What rules are there for purchasing shares as I read exceptional circumstances are required but I assume during lockdown some may be in a financial situation that would be regarded as exceptional circumstances. What system is used to transfer both money and shares safely.

this was a fairly comprehensive answer pre pandemic with further replies after this

Do you already have Monzo shares?

If not, I do not believe you can become one. I thought one can only exit or grow their stakes, not become a new investor.

Thank you for this, saved me a lot of searching myself. Now researching crowdcube.

Are there any future plans for stocks being publicly available in the future by the company floating shares?

Because of the pandemic it seems some have fallen into the exceptional circumstances bracket allowing them to trade those shares. As far as I have read. I just want to invest in the future of monzo and only spent the last hour looking into this.

I guess it depends on what crowdcube defines as exceptional circumstances

" stocks being publicly available in the future by the company floating shares? "

thats the plan …

" I guess it depends on what crowdcube defines as exceptional circumstances "

more to do with what Monzo consider to be exceptional circumstances , Crowd cube are just the facilitator, Monzo make the decision

you can become a “new investor” by taking over somebody else’s stake


Thank you for replying really appreciate it. Not going to make any rash decisions so will ponder it for a couple of weeks and read more into it.


Hello community, are there areas on the Monzo forum where users of the product can show interest in becoming an investor - should there be investors that have legitimate reasons for selling?

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I’ve moved your question here. There is a Wiki topic that’s used for this which is linked further up this threads.

General discussion of buying and selling is generally closed down and pointed to the wiki since there is no current market in Monzo shares…

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It doesn’t matter if you feel that you have a legitimate reason. Your reason to sell (and other circumstances) need to be evaluated by the board and they state that you will only be granted permission in exceptional circumstances.

More information as well as a list of people willing to sell can be found in the wiki below:

Thank you for directing me that way. I see x2 sellers with a price of £15 and £20 per share. Am I correct in thinking extenuating circumstances for selling can also include a share price chosen by the seller? Just to clarify I understand the process.

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There is no ‘market’ for these so everything is up for negotiation.

It’s best to treat these as unsellable in all honesty given that a justification for sale needs to made to (and approved by) the Monzo Board. Shares may only be sold in ‘exceptional circumstances’ as it is and it’s up to Monzo to decide if the circumstances are ‘exceptional’ enough. Some sales have happened but I suspect that many more have been denied.

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How do I buy.
I’m interested in buying 100 shares at £5/share

Read the posts above it explains everything

Yay, I’m ‘interested’ in buying 100 shares of Apple at £5 each.

It’s not going to happen but I would certainly be interested…


I’d suggest that you do some more research if that’s what you’re expecting to pay.

I wonder if the Seedrs merger will mean Monzo shares will be available on the secondary marketplace?


Hi @Frankiejr (sorry for the random @ unsure how to get this added to the buyer section) Could you please add me as a buyer for Monzo shares on the main Wiki thread, I can see that the other thread is locked. Purchase price £4.50 per share and email address:

That’s nearly a 40% discount on share value. I don’t think you’ll have much luck finding anyone wanting to sell at that level. :neutral_face: