Looking to sell shares


Can you click on his name then “Message”? If not, you haven’t been granted full access due to lack of activity on your community account. Can solve this by Introducing yourself on the “introduce yourself” topic, add a few bits of feedback and you’ll be messaging to buy shares in no time :slightly_smiling_face: best of luck!

(Armaan Dobberstein) #66

Are you still looking to sell?

(Duncan) #67

I thought you were desperate to avoid dilution!

(Harry) #68

Hi all,

Is anyone here interested in selling their shares at a reasonable price, if so let me know by replying here or send me an email :slight_smile:

(Excited about Christmas) #69

Yup - £50 each.

(Harry) #70

What’s the expected return per year?


Will P is slightly overvaluing his shares…

Last funding round a year ago they were worth £2.35 and this funding round they are likely to be valued from £6.70 to £10.

At £50 per share monzo would be valued at circa 7 billion.

There are no dividends currently and therefore no fixed expected returns however so far Monzo has delivered impressive year on year increases in its valuation

(Harry) #72

Thank you! Can you just elaborate, the newly announced crowdfunding (on their Instagram) we will be able to invest in Monzo shares at £10 per share?


Good luck with that one :joy: But I guess theres always someone willing to pay over the odds for things!

(Excited about Christmas) #74

Well in terms of capital growth, they grew about 460% in 2017. Using a calculation from another thread, the latest raise looks like a price around £9.35, which is another 397% for 2018. Unlike most crowd shares, there’s a good secondary market through this forum, so I’d say you’d get your £50 back comfortably within a few years. Alternatively, you can just use the new round to buy shares for a tenner, but then you wouldn’t need to ask :wink:


There will be further information from Monzo on the crowdfunding round soon so I am not going to speculate on the exact price.

It however will most likely be only open to current investors . You may be able to find an investor to purchase off for a small premium on the price that they pay. However please be cautious and contact crowd cube directly for clarification.


I call bs! It will most likely open to all - old & new.

(Excited about Christmas) #77

Yes - I think there would be a rather large backlash if it wasnt open at least to all customers - or maybe those who are #fullmonzo

(Duncan) #78

The last round wan’t.


Why are you asking about the availability of shares without knowing what you’re buying?

(Thomas Radosh) #80

I do have 995 shares for sale if anyone is interested please PM me

(Frank) #81

I’m happy to undercut @WillP79 and sell my for £49 per share :+1:t2:


I’ll sell mine for 1 Q per share. I have just under 2000.

There are 100s of Q millionaires around here. One of you must be interested.

(Nikhil velani) #83

What’s 1Q?


I have ‘beneficial title to 1,473 Ordinary shares in Monzo’ I wish to sell at this time.

I have contacted Monzo and Crowdcube and understand it should be achievable, so long as the buyer has a verified Crowdcube account but still subject to Monzo’s final approval which I believe should be given.

Please send your best and final Offer by Personal Message by 4pm Monday 19th Nov. 2018

Thanks for looking!