Looking to sell shares

(Beta User) #43

Ahh damn, thanks for the reply then.

Looks like it will be about £2000 cash then :confused:

(Dr) #44

Second that!

@blah interested? (btw I can DM you :frowning: and want to make an offer)

(Nikhil velani) #45

Same here if anyone wants to sell a big batch I’m up for buying them all😄


What price are you looking for?

Looking to buy Monzo shares
(Nikhil velani) #47

Someone sold some for around £3.50 a few months ago😁


Hello, I am really interested in buying the whole lot. what is the price per share?

(Nikhil velani) #49

Me to lol :sunglasses:


Whatever you are willing to offer! Though others may offer more so make sure you offer enough!


Where has the OP gone across the 2 discussions? If it was such an emergency I’d have thought they’d be on the ball with responses.

(Andrew Clark) #52

I imagine he’s taken the advice not to sell and is keeping his head down after getting everyone excited! Or has retired to the Bahamas on the proceeds after a private sale… :wink:


This has happened a bunch of times already… a holder flirts with selling, receives overwhelming response from buyers and then decides maybe this is a good share to hold, so nevermind. Waste of time.

A serious seller will be able to tell you how much they want, and a serious buyer will say how much they will pay. With these “considering selling” threads it is just foreplay.

If I was a seller I would say I will sell to the first person to stump up £20 a Share or best offer by the 25th of June.

Saying “make an offer” is not going to get a trade because if you paid £2.36 people are going to offer you £2.50 and there will be a chasm between buyer and seller.


All true…

But any sensible person who happens to have Monzo shares, will not even consider selling them now.

Unless they desperately need money for something (and even then… find another way).

It is a very pointless thread by all accounts.


Hello, I can offer 3.5 £ for your 780 shares. Perhaps you consider my offer too low but you will be making 50% profit if you intested in the last round wich is not bad…

(Nikhil velani) #56

I’m willing to pay £4 a share if anyone wants to sell a big batch pm me but remember you have to have exceptional circumstances to sell.

(Andrew Clark) #57

It would be unwise to sell Monzo shares at anything like the prices mentioned above. If anyone is having a moment of weakness please message me and I’ll give you a virtual talking to on why selling shares would be silly right now. If you are lucky enough to have shares just buckle up and enjoy the ride, there’s a reasonable chance that Monzo will IPO one day and your investment will pay off. In the meantime let’s hope that the next raise gives more Monzo users the opportunity to invest and share in the success of a product that we all* love.

(* okay, not all, in fact lots of people seem to come on here for a grumble. I meant most, okay some…)

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@iansilversides do you still have this block available for sale and whats your price?

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I didn’t offer any for sale, sorry :slight_smile: - and I wouldn’t sell at this time either, in my personal opinion there is far more to go :slight_smile:

(MJ) #60

My bad i thought you were trying to sell some. And i complete agree it has a lot of steam left init, thats why im trying to get on board

(Sajid Sabir) #62

Let me know if you still have the shares, offering £3 per share

(Kieran Greaney) #64

I’m interested, but can’t seem to find a way to PM you?