Looking to buy or sell Monzo Crowdcube shares

(Jack) #43

FYI :slight_smile:


PM me with your contact details :slight_smile:

(James) #45

I’d be interested !


If there is a transaction, and folk are comfortable with disclosure, I think the community would be interested in hearing what the share price was.

(No obligation, just curiosity at what price the shares trade for - as far as they can be traded, of course!)

(Benjamin Doherty) #47

Did these sell yet? What was the price in the end?

(Andy) #49

Given the recent news it would be unwise under any circumstances to sell right now. Hold tight for another couple of months.


Still looking for a seller. :slight_smile:

Introduce yourself :wave:

I fear the only seller you will find is the kind that has wine.

Monzo shares are hot hot hot!

(But I hope you do get to join in soon!)

(Dan) #52

Saw this earlier.

The “looking to buy” and “looking to sell” threads really should be merged. (or people should go to the other threads :innocent:). It’s kinda funny.

(Daniel Fidler) #53

I would buy at that price

(Daniel Fidler) #54

I would be interested too


Ooh £20 a share!!

(Dani Dudas) #56

Also I am willing to sell if I get a really big price per share :smiley:
So if somebody really wants monzo shares PM me with share price willing to pay and I will think about it.

(Jamie Mill) #57


Anyone selling shares please send me a message or comment below and I’ll message you.

Kind regards,
Jamie M

(Jack) #58

Hi @Errota I’ve moved your post here where people have asked similar questions.
There may be another crowdfunding round in the near future too.

(lewis oconnor) #59

if monzo go public, would there shares offer dividends?

(Jack) #60

Suppose that’s up to monzo to decide. They wouldn’t until they turned a profit first.
I imagine they’d prefer to invest any profits into growth/expansion first.

(lewis oconnor) #61

Whats the current price a share is going for?

(Kevyn) #62

Dividends are not always guaranteed. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he stopped dividends and Apple only started to offer them after his death in 2011. As @Jackcrwhitney states, it is up to Monzo at a future date.


The media were speculating on an upcoming $1.5bn valuation some months ago, which is ~£1.2bn. I’m not sure that is a reliable number though, as I think the FT were asked to remove it and that was speculated in August (due to length of silence since, perhaps it was early or mid-stage discussions) and they also didn’t have a reliable source.

Monzo have ~105m shares in issue now. If that grew to 120m shares in the next round that would give Monzo a £10/share value with £150m in the bank.

Edit: I’ve also seen speculation of $1.6bn and £1.5bn in the media. The latter works out as $1.9bn, so there was a $400m spread of speculative opinion months ago which implies no one really knew. We’ll find out very soon I think!