Looking to buy or sell Monzo Crowdcube shares

(Amy Kroening) #238

I’m looking to sell 1141 shares £10 upward, consists of 2 blocks (995 +146). PM if interested :slight_smile:

Looking to sell shares
(James) #239

Looking to buy Monzo shares. DM me if looking to sell thanks.

(Kadir) #241

I have 320 Monzo shares to sell, please PM / DM me if interested and we can discuss a price.

(Bill M) #243

Looking to sell 434 Ordinary Shares from series D round. Please message me with any serious offers.


It a shame there isn’t a secondary market like seedrs

(David) #245

I am looking to buy some shares in Monzo. Can anyone who is currently selling ones PM me what you have for sale and price per share please? Thanks


Looking to sell a block of 995 shares from the April 2017 round. Please PM me any reasonable offers

(Josh Lindl) #247

I’ll buy at the last known price on crowdcube. DM me if you are interested in selling at this price (7.71 per share, I beleive). I wouldn’t pay more due to liquidity. Quick, straightforward deal

(Andy) #248

If anyone is looking to sell for genuine reasons I would buy at the last Crowdcube valuation which was £7.71 a share.

It is still a high risk early stage with no liquidity so I wouldn’t pay a premium.

Quick straightforward deal DM if interested.

(Fin) #249

Anyone selling now for £7.71 is crazy and anyone trying to frame it as a fair price to buy due to “poor liquidity” is opportunistic at best.

Appetite for the shares is great and supply minimal.

Don’t sell you shares cheaply.


Monzo’s £7.71 valuation was agreed with VCs in August or September 2018 (the November crowdfund was held at same price to be fair to small investors) - 6 or 7 months is a long long time in fintech when these valuations have been tripling every 12 months. That doesn’t mean the valuation is going to triple in 12 months but it might do.

N26 raising at a £2bn valuation recently when they’ve not really done anything special suggests the tide is still rising.

TLDR £7.71 could be really cheap to sell at. But if you have to sell and that’s the best offer on the table go for it :slight_smile:

Any better offers going?

(James) #251

Hi David, I’ve got 3154 shares, interested in hearing offers.

(Kevyn) #252

It has only been 3 months since people bought at £7.71 (5th December) so stating August 2018 as the date shares should increase from is incorrect or the December price would have been higher.

The crowdfunding was also a sellers market as many wanted to buy shares at that date. Now it is a closed market so it can work in the buyers favour if a seller needs to sell and a sellers market if someone is desperate to buy.

(James) #253

Monzo has averaged a raise every 10/11 months or so, and the last raise valued the company in October/Nov, not December. By that logic, you’re already 40% of the way through to the next raise, which will probably be another considerable leap based on Atom, Revolut, and N26 raises.

(Dan) #254

People have been able to sell under exceptional circumstances since the beginning.

The fact that there’s no longer a huge amount of shares on sale (i.e a crowdfunding round) means supply is short (and demand remains) which means they should be more valuable than before.

Also worth mentioning the crowdfunding round was oversubscribed which means there’s still people out there that wanted to buy but couldn’t. And maybe(?) would consider buying at a premium.

(Michael) #255

And these reasons are why it’s so difficult for people to predict what the prices are. People selling should just negotiate with people looking to buy.

I’m personally willing to buy batches up to 100 shares, for a reasonable price that the seller wants.

If/When these become open market tradable shares then there’d be a better idea of the value. All we can hope for is that people buying/selling share the price they do the transaction at after for everyone else.

(Ellis Farley) #256

Hi James, interested in purchasing for the right price.

(Owen) #258

If anyone is interested in selling shares, message me with a realistic price that you are equally comfortable with and I’ll get back to you!

Owen :slight_smile:


Slightly off topic but is one still eligible for the investor goodies if shares are bought from someone else here? :eyes:

(Splodf) #260

I would imagine not.

You’ll be a shareholder. Not an investor.