Looking to buy or sell Monzo Crowdcube shares


In reality it’s actually quite easy to sell shares :+1:

(Nikhil velani) #219

The share price is in the eye of the beholder :money_with_wings::heavy_dollar_sign:

(Frank) #220

Trust me I would rather not be selling so early :pleading_face:

(Splodf) #221

Could you not get a loan instead then? I would imagine the losses paid in interest could well be dwarfed by the potential gains in share price?


The crucial bit of information that we don’t have is the final agreed price for any trades.

It’d be nice if anyone who completed a deal let the community know what price the deal happened at.

Of course, I suspect at that point we’re getting towards a ‘market’ at which point I’m sure there are a million financial regulations that apply!


I’m not sure we should be second guessing why anyone wants to sell. Ultimately, if they want to sell - and permission is granted - then the price is whatever the market (for which read a very small pool of potential buyers) will bear. And that might be above or below purchase price.

(I’d love to hear what shares get sold privately for, though!)


I’m currently awaiting approval from Monzos board for some shares that somebody was selling on here

We agreed on £8


I’ve bought a block of shares back in September for £5 a share.


Done well there!


Do you know when you will hear back? Have only been told by Crowdcube that the Monzo board meeting is in the first week of February


Nope, I’ve been told the same

Imagine soon after though?

(Frank) #229

Deal done :+1:t2: Pending sorting with Crowdcube and Monzo.


Can you share what the agreed share price was, at all?

(Frank) #231

Once it’s all sorted.


Thanks in advance @Frankiejr - most kind.

(Amy Kroening) #233

I’m looking to sell 1141 shares. PM if interested with an reasonable offer

(Roger Bingham) #234

Section 7 of the new terms seems to clarify this matter - if I read it correctly.

Just contact Crowdcube with the transferees details and details of the transfer.


Mods - is there any chance we can just have one “looking to buy or sell Monzo shares” topic?

The “looking to buy Monzo shares” and the “looking to sell Monzo shares” topics are both being posted on with duplicate posts every time someone wants to buy or sell. Bit pointless.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #236

Also, if people could state how many shares they have and how much they are wanting would help too. All this “I’ve got shares for sale pm me an offer” just fills the topic with people asking the same questions such as, “how much” and “how many”.

Every seller has a price in mind, so it’s not too much to ask in my opinion. It’s fine to refine the deal in private but if you can’t give a rough price from the outset it just seems shady and that you’re going to play off interested parties against each other behind the scenes. This will clean up the topic leaving only those who are serious about selling and buying, saving time and effort for both parties.

Perhaps a pre-filled response like the bug reports section?

(Tom ) #237

Done - good idea.