Looking to buy or sell Monzo Crowdcube shares

(Michael) #194

You have to sell a full block, but don’t have to sell all your blocks.

(Kieran) #195

Well in that case, I’ve got a block of 70 that I’m willing to sell. PM me if you’re interested, folks.

(Will) #196

Hi all! I’m looking to sell a block of 995 shares. Please PM me if you’re interested.

(Frank) #197

So I may have to sell my shares due to very unforeseen circumstances. :-1:t2:

I may not know for certain for another month, but would be good to know what the current going purchase rate is? :man_shrugging:t2:

I will be gutted if I do have to sell so early but sometimes other things in life are more important.

571 shares in total.

(Emma (still not the app)) #198

Whatever someone is willing to pay. Since it’s so soon after the last round it should be that price really

(Michael) #199

I have made a couple of so far not pursued offers on here to buy, so I’ll give my personal view on that

As we are in for the long run, as I have only just bought my block, and as there is no other price available (nor an indication of changing factors), I am not minded to go with anything different to the “current” price of £7.71

Nobody has to take me up on that obviously, but will make it quick and trouble free if you do

(Gee) #201

I’m looking to buys shares if anyone is selling.

(Gee) #202

Pm me if you want to sell. :+1:t2:

(Gee) #203

Pm me if you still have them :+1:t2:

(Ada Okpe) #204

Happy to have a chat with you about this.


(Rob) #205

^^ this please. My circumstances have changed recently so I’m looking for some clarity around process…

(MikeF) #206

That’s in the gift of Crowdcube rather than Monzo I’d have thought. I don’t think they have a rep who posts here.

(Frank) #207

So it looks like the decision is made and I do need to sell the shares. As mentioned I have 571 and would like to achieve above £6k for them all. If you are genuinely interested please PM me with your offer and confirmation if you have purchased shares previously. I will then respond to the best genuine offer by Friday 8th Feb and get the sale process started.

Any questions please send a PM and my reason for sale has nothing to do with my thoughts of Monzo. I do believe it would be a sound investment to keep the shares, I just no longer have the luxury to do so :confused:


Good luck with that :+1:

(Danny) #209

That’s quite some premium over the last round - I’m not sure the progress is there just yet to justify it tbh but best of luck.

(Splodf) #210

Yeah I’m with you on this one.

I think looking for £8 a share would be more realistic, but they’re not mine to sell!

(Splodf) #212

You can’t.

You sell them as a block. 259 is the max allowed from the last raise, so I would assume you’ve only got one block.

So it’s all or nothing.

(Splodf) #215

Best of luck with it :heart_eyes:

(Michael) #216

Where’s all this £11 or £12 a share thing come from?

I bought mine at £7.71 literally two months ago and, other than getting in there in the first few hours, it was not that cutthroat a process to do so

If someone pays you that then good luck to you, but cannot see what has occurred over Christmas that justifies any premium

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #217

Exactly this.

Have these people forgot that they can only sell in exceptional circumstances?

If they truly are exceptional then you would think that they will sell them for the price they paid, or even at a slight loss to recoup their money asap :confused: