Logged out of Monzo, still get notifications. Huawei AppGallery. PWA

I upgraded my phone from a Pixel 2 to a Huawei Mate 30 Pro.
I had trouble finding Monzo for my Huawei because it doesn’t use the Google Play store, but I eventually managed to get it installed, and it works for the most part (no notifications though).

Anyway, I logged out of the Monzo app (and the others) and consigned my Pixel to the phone ‘drawer’ where I keep all my old phones for testing. (iirc, I had to log out of that in order to log into my new phone).

However, when I dig the Pixel out for testing, I notice that it still gets notifications from the Monzo app.

  1. Please get it on the Huawei AppGallery.
  2. …or, better yet, make a PWA so it will work anywhere/everywhere irrespective of politics/etc.
  3. Please consider making the Monzo app so that the notifications are stopped when you log out.

There’s already been a number of posts about getting into other app stores, it’s not even on a priority list of stuff to be done, so don’t hold your breath for this one :rofl:

Yeah, well, having to copy the app from another phone every time is a PITA. Not having a PWA (or plain old web app) compounds that since it would solve a whole range of this sort of problem.
Those are enough to make me move to another back, frankly…it’s only because of the virus that I haven’t already left.

Frankly, it’s so easy to put an app in the Huawei AppGallery that I don’t quite get why they wouldn’t just do it…actually, iinm, Huawei will pay you to do it.
I notice Starling have added their app to the Huawei AppGallery. I’ll be moving just as soon as I get back to the UK so I can manage the fall-out.

It’s time and development of another platform for barely any gain.

Yup, hence ‘bye bye’. The arguments of web apps over native apps are clear, and I’ve better things to do than get into that again.

Why anyone would get a Huawei is beyond me. Soooo many popular apps are not supported, nevermind Monzo :exploding_head:

I’d advise anyone considering one to do some research prior to upgrading or buying one.


Web apps being inferior is a big one. But I hope you enjoy whichever bank you choose next.

I specifically bought a Huawei because they were not subject to the whims of an idiot US president. That’s what he wanted, right? He has demonstrated that he can and will do the same to pretty much any company/country, so how can anyone trust things/companies from the USA? Some are happy for an idiot politician to dictate what products you can choose - that’s up to them, but I’m not happy about that, so I try to free myself from all such ties.

Yes, I knew it would be a problem beforehand and made the decision with my eyes wide open. Actually, I struggle to think of any other app that is a problem…many/most have web app alternatives, but that’s just my selection of apps, I guess.


See ya later then, no Bank has to offer up it’s app to other mobile stores and given this will no doubt only affect a tiny proportion of customers it’s going to be nowhere near on the list of priorities. You’ve decided to get a phone that doesn’t officially support Google Play so move on and get to a bank that’s on the Huawei portal

Web apps are not inherently inferior. For a start, they run anywhere…that’s a massive advantage.

Yup, indeed. I can do nothing other than ask. If they don’t do so, then I vote with my feet/wallet.
There’s nothing much special about Monzo, frankly.

Bless, there there I’ll send you a virtual hug.

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For the record, I wanted a web app way before upgrading to Huawei. I’ve been keeping an eye on Starling…when I get back to the UK, I’ll be moving, unless there’s a miracle. I do see lots of mentions that could be mistaken for promises in the history of this forum, but nothing likely, even without the current climate.