Log in notification

Hi guys, I smashed my screen so have picked up my old phone while mine gets repaired, what I noticed when logging into starling was that you get a nice wee email notification to advise that a new device has logged into your account, not essential but a nice touch.

This is nice but I’m not sure it’s needed with Monzo.

The only way to login to an account is with a magic link and your pin number so if you get an email with a magic link you’ll immediately know that someone is trying to access your account.
A second email saying you’ve logged in could be a bit excessive?

I think what should be added are instructions on what to do if you didn’t request a magic link and maybe details on the device that requested it. Although I haven’t had to log in for a very long time now so these may have been added.

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I believe that when you log in on a new device it now asks for your PIN before showing you anything. So this is an additional layer too.