Monzo Web - Notification

Been a long time since I have logged in to Community :sweat_smile:

Just a thought - when you login to Monzo Web (for emergency access), what about an iOS or Android Notification coming through on that device saying 'Your account was accessed on Monzo Web at time on IP xx-blah-blah…? I kinda like the idea - what do you lot think? :thinking:


I think this would be a good idea - also when you link your account with AISPs/PISPs :slight_smile:


And ideally a place to view an active device list and connected services. :grin:


Yeah that would be amazing - it also gives users a sense of security as well - that way, you can see links and deactivate them if possible…? Maybe you could also add the option to authorise them as well…? :astonished:


I’m also quite a fan of how Google prompts you (annually?) to check who you’re sharing your info with and your security. Especially as open banking becomes more apparent.


Wouldn’t this be a problem for someone who wants to login to Monzo Web but has lost their phone? I know people should set up/authorise this sort of stuff before they lose their phone, but no one expects they’ll lose their phone until they do!