Account blocked due to unauthorised access


Yesterday afternoon I got a notification that my account was blocked due to unauthorised access. It was this notification

I instantly decided to chat with support as it wasn’t me that logged in. 16 hours later and I am still waiting for a respose from the support team and I’ve given up after two seperate 1 hour waits trying to call them.

What I am trying to understand is how somebody would have logged in on a new device and made tried to make a payment. Yes, I did get an email around 4pm with a magic link, I never requested this. My email account is 2FA, I’ve checked all the activity logs and there has been no unauthorised access, not even an attempt at access. The password is unique, not used anywhere else and even if they had the password the moment they try to use it my device would be pinged.

So how did they log in? I am wary to unblock the account until I get answers from the support team, but the support team, like every time I seem to message them, our backlogged to high hell and take forever to respond.

Any advice?

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I would imagine that the “chat with us” is given a lower priority because it could be the “other” person using the app and chatting with them.

“Yes, this is me. Everything is fine”

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Lovely reassuring attitude for the bank to take.

Would you rather they just chat to anyone before confirming your identity?


I think we’re missing the point. I’d rather they chat to me at all. The message says if you didn’t log in on a new device chat with us as soon as possible. So that is what I’m trying to do. I don’t want to confirm my identity in case that gives the person logged in on another device freedom to do whatever they want.


That’s really strange. It seems like you have every line of defence up on your account. Do keep us informed how you get on. If you go into your settings and go to privacy and security and then select manage apps can you see another device logged into your account?


No other device. Just shows Monzo Android App and Flux.

Thanks for showing me this feature, I didn’t know it existed. Reassuring to not see another device listed.

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That’s strange. What doesn’t make sense to me is you can only be logged into monzo on one device last I checked. So it would be impossible for you to be still logged in if someone else logged in.

This seems like sophisticated account attacking by hackers or this is a monzo issue. There’s no way someone can have access to your emails and not show up on your activity log. Is your email Google, if it is check what apps have access to your emails. Sometimes you grant permission for apps to read your emails. It could be a malicious website or app that you have granted access to your gmail just to log into the app if that makes sense?

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It is Google, the only app with full access is Google Nest Hub. All the others, (4 of them) have access to fitness information.

I thought it was possible to be logged in on an iOS and Android device at the same time.

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Yes I think that might be possible come to think of it. I have just checked my Google apps and I can see all my apps that I have linked to my Google accounts just have access to basic info and can’t read my emails. I think that might be the case for yourself.

Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

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:100:spot on. No apps with access to email.

Great. So the liability is with Monzo. If your emails are not breached and you have adequate precautions in place (2FA, Activity Log is empty) then it’s down to Monzo to investigate their side now.

When you log into Monzo it should record what device (IMEI) signed in and what location so that will help monzo determine what went wrong. When you get through to them ask them to investigate the breach thoroughly. I’m not an expert so it’s not right for me to just say It sounds like Monzo might be at fault with this one. Let us know when they reply in the chat :slight_smile: hopefully you will have a better understanding of what went wrong.

Thanks. Those are the sort of questions I’ve asked to try and get an understanding of what happened or went wrong.

Perhaps it is just the wording of the message, and nobody did get access or try to send a payment. I just find it very concerning that they managed (according to the message) to login and try to send a payment.

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My first impression was nobody got in and it’s a generic message, but I could be wrong

No feed messages to authorise a transaction or new payees set up?

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Hopefully this is the case. In which case just need to understand what the trigger was to get this message.

No new payees, no new transactions to authorise.

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The trigger might have been that magic link

If the same phone tried to access multiple accounts then big old alarm bell

But you probably won’t find out if they didn’t get access, as that would be revealing some of their anti fraud triggers

I think I’d be satisifed just to know that nobody did in fact log in, and there was no payment attempt. Then I’ll unblock my account and carry on as normal.


I think they at least owe you the assurance no one accessed your account. It could quite possibly be a bot testing email addresses on the sign up flow and recording successful emails for hackers or scammers who knows. It could be a trigger from that.

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It’s the safest and best option but they should still have answered you by now.

Any idea what wait times are for support at the moment?