Locking Merchant details

I would love for Monzo to be able to lock merchant details from updates.

The problem is stemming from vending machines using the same merchant ID (yeah they shouldn’t be so cheap and use multiple ones, but they could also make it not so difficult to use in the first place…). Pretty much every time I go to the same vending machine in my local PureGym, I get a different place. Trying to submit corrections to just say “Vending Machine” doesn’t get very far.

Yesterday’s fun random merchant:

Somewhere in Monzo’s backend where they can lock this to say something like “Vending Machine somewhere in the UK” would be nice.

These sort of merchants should be turned into online merchants too (ie: location removed).


This has been an ongoing topic for years, you have more chance of getting a JAJA Card then a fix for merchant info.

Easiest way to solve the PureGym ones would be to set them up as an online transaction as if they are in the PureGyms that’s fine they are for the gym no point calling them vending machine that wouldn’t make any sense.

It’s not as easy as that. PureGym have a constractor, seemingly called LRS Vending. This company uses the same merchant details for all of their vending machines in lots of different health clubs etc.

Naming it PureGym wouldn’t work, as you can’t tell which vending machines are in PureGym and which ones aren’t :confused:

Just hope I can grab the attention of someone like @kieranmch who could do more about it :innocent:

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Interesting I used to go PureGym and the vending machines merchant data actually ending with PureGym so they just worked perfectly fine but it might be an area thing so yeah I hear you with that.

Now that you mention it though the one I used in London has changed to Manchester Market Street which doesn’t make any sense it doesn’t need the location in the name PureGym is totally fine.