Locked savings

Hi, really like all your ideas. I was setting up a savings account, but generally not a great saver! I thought it would be great if you could make saving accounts lockable, so that way I could nominate a person to set up a pin and not be able to access the money if I decide it’s time to treat myself!

You can create a locked pot and some of the saving pots are locked for 3 or 6 or 12 months

This is true, however you can close these accounts at any time unless their is different way of setting them up?

They used to do it the way you want but people kept locking them then asking them to be unlocked and it took up too much of Monzo’s time

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Ahh well that’s a shame, but also not unsurprising!

Monzo washed their hands of proper locked pots a few months ago. They will probably look into it again but as @don_quixote states, too many people were asking for them to be unlocked that it took a disproportionate amount of customer services time. I saw it as a positive, Monzo saw it as a negative. Hence the self unlocking of pots are available.

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I like the idea of other nominated Monzo users having authority to unlock a pot though; similar to the Facebook trusted contacts.

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This may have been a better way of wording it. That way I could request my partner to open up my savings account if an unexpected bill came out etc

They’re exploring this idea and a few others :slight_smile:

There is a whole discussion on what people think about it here too:

All of these ideas are better than what’s currently on offer!!

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