Lock pots until you reach a money goal

I would love to have some flexibility with the locked pots, so say that its locked until you reach your goal ammount.
For example, that I want to save £500 for my next trip, but dont know a date but just to be able to lock the money away until I reach that £500 goal, as I feel like this would be more motivating for me to save my money, plus too gives users more flexibility with how ad why they want to lock their pots.

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This used to exist, but the amount of people bothering support because they wanted their money at £400 instead, meant it got too intensive to deal with so it was removed.

So it’s fairly safe to say it’s not coming back.

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As above. And there were people who kept locking their pots indefinitely and requesting unlocks from support almost weekly because they wanted a bit of spending money. This was the only way they claimed would stop them blowing all of their money as soon as they were paid.

We went through the whole argument of support should refuse, you should have to watch a video of yourself before you can unlock your pot, you should be able to nominate a third party as the keyholder and so on…

Nothing seemed to encourage Monzo to re-activate locked pots. So it just seems like they’re far more hassle than they’re worth.

I think I’m reading this differently to the rapid reactionary force.

Maybe @willdog1210 can clarify, but I read it that, at the moment you can lock a pot until a certain date. Instead of a date, the ask is to lock it until the target value is hit.

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Love that.

My takeaway was the same as yours too, and I like that idea.


Feels like a sensible extension to locked pots (which are still a thing, just not quite as locked as they once were!).

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But surely £500 or 25/12/2023 is still the same outcome? You’re asking support if you want it opened earlier?

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I think you’re misunderstanding (or me and Peter are).

They seem to be asking for a different parameter that results in the pot automatically unlocking (hitting a goal rather than reaching a date).

I don’t think they’re expecting the current approach to manually unlocking the pot to require extra friction. That’d still work as it does now.

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Pots can still be locked. It’s just that you can break them open by archiving them now, rather than troubling support!

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