Locked PIN & broken phone

Hi all,

My phone is really badly broken after a fall so I am struggling to use the in-app chat.

The broken screen and LCD means I can’t type properly - hence entering my PIN wrong and the microphone does not work so I can’t send in the video to verify my identity to unlock the PIN.

The irony is I can’t pay to get my phone fixed as my monzo account is locked!

Am I able to log into monzo on a friends phone to submit the verification video? We can’t find a way to log her out of her app.

Any help/advice much appreciated.


If you go to account then profile at the top and scroll down to the bottom of that list you’ll find log out (on iOS)

Should work fine logging in on your friends phone


Could you use web.monzo.com on a computer?

Just to add to this point :smiley: (@Rat_au_van is correct), you’ll need to stick your details in and then forward the email you receive from Monzo to your friend’s phone (there’s a ‘magic link’ which will sign you in) from there you can use your friend’s phone to do anything you need in order to regain control of your Monzo account :smiley:

Just don’t forget to logout again once you’re finished :wink: Wouldn’t want your mate getting their hands on your money :yum:


Where’s the log out setting on android? Same place?

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Yep, same place :smiley:

Account -> Profile -> (scroll down) -> Log out :slight_smile:


Thanks all! Will try logging into her phone.