Locked out of the app

Hi, I have been locked out of the app.
I’ve tried unistalling and reinstalling the app. And even with the email connection, the app says no new applications?

android or ios? at what stage are you getting that error message?

Can you log into web.monzo.com?

Actually, I can’t login to Monzo,com. It doesn’t offer login, only sign up.

Android. Yes I can login to Monzo.com

It’s not an error message anyone has mentioned before that i can see

Try calling the number on the back of your card

What is the exact error you’re getting. Have you got a screenshot?

This has happened to me before about a year ago.
I will call the number.

I was using the app on my android phone earlier. It crashed. I reopened it and got the message, No new applications.
I requested an email connection but still got the same app response.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the app with the same result?

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