Lockdown habits

What positive habits have you developed in lockdown that you think you will continue when lockdown is lifted?

For example, I have started doing 15-20 minutes of housework a day, rather than hours on the day(s) I have childcare.

We are also enjoying more home cooked meals and eating as a family, rather than having an “adults” dinner after bedtime.

Exercise, strangely. I’ve never bothered before, but now I’m allowed out to do it, I make sure I go for a brisk walk every day. I hope I keep it up.

Lots of cardio and fairly heavy weight training

Eating less and healthier food.

I could never be bothered to prepare any sandwiches or anything to take to work so I always ate out and snacked at the vending machines.

After I’d finished eating I always felt guilty and wished I’d brought something in but I never did :sweat_smile: I’m also saving a lot too as a result


I’ve stopped biting my nails, and I’m not even in lockdown :joy: :nail_care:t3:

:scream: Where do you live?

London. But I have to go to work.

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Ah, I see! I thought you lived in some unlocked down country like Vanatu or Sweden :sweat_smile:

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Not buying junk snacks every single day. Bad for the company that makes Doritos, good for my waistline.

Will try and continue after lockdown, but it would be rather reliant on me shifting to making pre-packed lunches (it’s when I’m getting something for lunch that I think ‘I should pick up some things* for later while I’m here’).


The local Sainsbury’s where my husband and I shop has an awful problem of chocolates and biscuits falling into the basket on the way around…


Considering the stock levels in those aisles i think there’s going to be a lot of fatter people coming out of the end of this.

… or, from what I’ve seen, Bromsgrove :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.



I must be tired… my first thought was “well, that’s clearly fake - it was dark ten minutes ago!” :joy:

It’s fake news

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There’s a beach in Birmingham?


It’s more accurately joke news. It’s actually Bournemouth beach, I suspect some time last year.

Yes, it’s little-known. I’m pleased to say I can look out my bedroom window (I’m in Longbridge) and see the yachts and all sorts… oh hang on, that’s the reservoir! :flushed:


April is set to be the first month in at least 5 years I haven’t given Costa any of my money. Instead, my cafetiere is getting plenty of use.

The closest beach to Birmingham is Weston-super-Mare.

As if living in Birmingham wasn’t awful enough.