Hiding Pots for [x]amount of time

(Thomas Davies) #1

I love the idea of the Coin Jar topping up my payments and saving without thinking about it. I think it would be great if you could hide your pot&pot transactions for a set amount of time e.g Hide “Coin Jar” for 6 months. Then in 6 months time you get a notification saying “Well done, You have £200” or to that effect. Stops you from checking it and thinking its saving to slow or using the money when it could be saved.

( surohpotsirhC) #2

I really like this idea. Probably better to have hide from main view rather than fully hidden, just in case you need emergency access. Really like it though.

(Hayley Armstrong) #3

I second this idea! I’ve got a savings pot that I am frequently tempted to dip into so if I could hide it that would be fab! Also maybe a good idea if you are saving for a suprise for someone or something like that, hide it so they don’t accidentally see it when your sorting your money.

(Kevyn) #4

Another good idea. Would stop me keep putting my hand in the cookie jar!

No need to hide it though, just have it locked from withdrawals, with a set date to expire the lock. An obvious backdoor, if you really need access, would be to have to contact COps to unlock it.