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When using my Monzo card(s) it is a challenge to find somewhere where the location data is inaccurate. And when it is, it’s super easy to report back to Monzo in-App and they often get things corrected within 24-hours. It’s this sort of functionality, attention to detail and quick response that is setting Monzo apart from others.

Contrast that with another challenger Bank App where the location data is a complete lottery and there’s no easy way to report errors.

That said, I’ve just spotted a discrepancy between the Prepaid app and the current account preview App. This rather surprised me as I assumed they’d both draw upon the same database of information.

Here they are:

PrePaid App

Current Account preview

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Weird, and just a note. On android there is still no easy way to report incorrect location data (that I know of).

(Hugh) #3

Message in chat does the trick :slight_smile:


But why is data not the same across both apps?

(Simon B) #5

My understanding is that we haven’t migrated all of the merchant matching code to the CA infrastructure yet but that’s not a particularly difficult task and will be done soon. I may have misunderstood but that’s the gist of what I was told, or at least how I interpreted it :blush:

Essentially, nothing to worry about, it’ll be sorted soon :blush:


Thanks, @Simonb. Was just an observation of something I’d not expected. I’m constantly impressed at how accurate merchant location data is.

(Rika Raybould) #7

What @SimonB said is correct. Automatic merchant data enrichment is read only on the current account preview.

This means that if you make a purchase from a merchant/location that we have never seen before on the prepaid cards, you may see some raw data in the app instead of the usual logo and map. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m curious to know why the transaction enrichment service had to be different for prepaid and CA. Why should the service even care about where the transaction came form? All it has to do is add logos and addresses and then send it down the pipeline.


I used the current account to purchase from a location that I had previously purchased from using the prepaid card. I updated the merchant info in prepaid with you in June 2016. I was surprised to see it not there in CA

(Rika Raybould) #10

If the merchant changes their terminals or certain configuration on those terminals, the current account preview makes no attempt to match it back up yet. In the case of some merchants (especially online), they just come through differently on the debit card so until we make merchant enrichment read/write, they won’t show up as expected at all.

We now receive the data directly from Mastercard rather than through a 3rd party. We just haven’t had the chance to make the required changes yet. It’s a little more important that payments actually work in as many places as possible first. :smile:

As we’ve said, these are the rough edges of the preview. Full, rich merchant data will be back!

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