Location based security

There is an option to turn this on/off in the iOS app - what does it do and should it be on or off? Mine seems to be off by default.



Honestly, I’m not sure anyone knows how location based security works, at least it seemed that way when I asked a few weeks ago. I assumed that it worked on the geolocation of your phone and location of card transaction but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’d like to see a response to this question from the Monzo team.

As for whether it should be on or off, I’ve set mine to ‘on’ from the beginning and it’s never caused me any issue.

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Quick search has thrown up a response from someone at :monzo:

As I’ve assumed it would be - just fraud detection based on card use location and mobile location.


Thats’ useful to know then. Will keep it switched on and see…

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