Do you use local location security


Is anyone using Local location security? Out of interest how does it work? When you use the card does to track where your phone is? Is it advisable to enable this feature?


I believe it’s only on iOS so far :slight_smile: So I’m not using it :wink:

But I’ve heard a lot of talk about it!

Here’s an existing thread on Location based security:

I hope that helps! :smiley:

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Many thanks for that. Heaven’s it raises more questions than it answers. Some saying 500m, other saying cards were used when the phone was somewhere else.

Maybe a rep from Monzo could enlighten us with information about his feature.

Have a good weekend all.


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@uklee There’s a nicer explanation from Monzo in post I’m linking below. It’s not ‘hard’ type of verification, more like helping Monzo work out frauds in a lot more complex system. Offering option to opt out is for people who wouldn’t want to be ‘tracked’ at all, even for good reasons. It’s good to have it enabled, in my opinion, if you’re okay with this concept.

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