Contactless Card Security / Mobile

Am I just imagining this or did there used to be an option to restrict use of a monzo card unless it was in the vicinity of the mobile phone register on the app?

I usually just use my phone to pay these days and haven’t checked if the card works when not near the phone but I have a vague recollection of setting this up.

…. Or I’m just imagining it?

Revolut have this type of security, but don’t ever recall monzo having it.

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Monzo (on iOS only if I recall) has an opt in to use location to try and prevent fraud but I dont know how much its leaned on now. I think in the past it did block a transaction several years ago when my other half used my card (with permission) 2 miles away from me and it declined.

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Yes that’s my recollection as well. I have it turned on and it’s spotted which country I’m in so presumably would block card in other countries but not sure if it still does localised checking.
Maybe will have to leave my phone behind and give it a go with a none critical transaction some time.


“Location-based security” is an option in Settings > Privacy & Security

Quite what it does and how it works is not, I think, explained in detail anywhere.

No I’ve not been able to find an explanation and think it might have changed over time.

Maybe someone from Monzo can explain how it currently works?

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