General Election 2024

Everything election related, try to keep it amicable :pray:t3: and respect everyone’s views.

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July 4th! Let’s goooooo


Can we talk about the national service stuff in here?

Yes. Go crazy. It’s election based.

I’ll kick off - it’s a nonsense policy by the Tories, that is not even thought out and will be a mess


They need to explain how they are going to enforce it, without that it’s as good as not existing

Some more info

It’s a useless policy anyway, it’s created for a generation who miss ‘the good old days’. It’s not what this country wants or needs.

It’s also NOT a policy at this point of time. The announcement is to create a Royal Commission to review.


It’s exactly that, it’s the 80+ votes winner for the “it’ll be good for those young punks to go die in war to be a real man”

That the kids are likely against the war, for a country that has failed them.

I think that’s a slight exaggeration. Let’s face it, a policy idea like this, it’s not to expect kids to go into combat. I don’t think there’s a suggestion that this would be the case.

But it’s a bonkers idea which seems to have blindsided even the government machine having denied only days ago and criticised the idea.

It’s an idea from a man without a plan, but claiming that he does have one because look see what I plopped out on a sheet of loo roll


Crucially the argument against this policy isn’t helped by many on the left using this as an argument against it, when it’s really not about military service and about civic service.

Agree or disagree with it, it’s disingenuous and wrong to talk about it as if it’s military service. Argue against it based on what it is and not this.


Whether you agree with it or not, does it not seem like a complete desperate attempt from Rishi? Like the kind of desperation that makes you think this guy can’t run a country again?


Just doesn’t make it military service is all.

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How will you vote? (anonymous)

  • Conservative
  • Labour
  • Lib Dem
  • Green
  • Reform
  • Another party
  • Haven’t decided yet
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Is this the real labour account?

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Personally think pie charts are ok with up to 6 categories. Realise the above has 8, so you’re probably right

Quite surprised by how many people have already decided to vote Labour without seeing their manifesto.

There’s a good chance I may, but I’m still not decided yet.

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A bit unfair. National Service existed in the UK until the 1960s so some of those 80+ year olds will have had first hand experience of it…

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New policy to appeal to older people whilst forgetting about the rest of the country!

That’s really just to simplify the life of HMRC who don’t want to deal with loads of pensioners complaining about getting taxed when they thought their pension was tax-free.

They’re so desperate to appeal to anyone that will listen in the face of their endless years of utter failure

They lost a lot of the voters they appealed to the most, promising Rwanda scheme and failing to make it reality. I’m going to try my best to not waste time debating their policies because I’m pretty certain they won’t be in parliament on the 5th July… not because the opposition is better but because people are genuinely desperate for change

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