Loan has moved in new update

Hi Monzo,

I see the loan tab has moved and now I cannot do anything with my loan.
Doesn’t let me open it which is a hassle if I wish to make overpayments.
Only option on the top right corner is to increase loan.

Will this be fixed in an update?

My loan is in the exact same position - well technically 1 more step.

On the Monzo homepage, click your card image to get to the current account (the 1 more step) and flick along the pots until you get to the loan. Click on the payments button, and you can overpay there.

As it is a separate product from the current account, like Flex, it probably should be moved to the homepage like Flex has.

Yeah that was there this morning, next to my cards and flex account then I got a notification saying it’s moved.

Clicked on where it’s moved and it won’t open.

Hi @netflixandgil , sorry to hear this! We are making some changes to loans management as part of the new home screen, and it looks like we might have got something wrong for you. I’ve got a few questions which could help us to work out what has happened and fix it.

  1. Are you on iOS or Android?
  2. Are you using the new Home Screen? If so, what happens when you scroll down to the ‘Loan’ section and tap your loan?
  3. Are you seeing a card that says “Your loan has moved” next to your current account and Flex account?
  4. If you keep scrolling to the right, do you see your loan card at all?

We’ll do our best to fix this one ASAP!

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