PLEASE someone help with urgent account information needed from monzo

edit - finally got the letter phew

Who can I escalate this to? I am desperate.

I’ve asked the chat and spoken to 5 different people over the course of days. each tells me they can’t help and i go into the black hole again.

ALL i need is a letter saying what my monthly payment on my loan is after a large overpayment.

called in three times, sent emails. literally just get told someone will be in touch and then it’s always “i can’t help”. i’m going to lose my mortgage offer if i don’t get this simple letter.

i am losing my mind.

Is this information not shown in app?

It is, but I suspect they want it in writing from Monzo rather than a screenshot on a banking app.

I don’t really know why but there we are.

And is this a service that Monzo have to provide? If not it may be a ‘tough but here we are’ situation.

No but I do think there’s scope for some personalised customer service sometimes. If someone is asked for it for a mortgage then it would be good service to just type up a quick letter pasting the information on.

True. My thinking is just “Monzo are an app based bank” and “customer service is clearly not a priority” so my approach to them overall is anything I can’t do myself might as well not exist.

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I don’t have a Monzo Loan so forgive my ignorance but…

If you overpay on a loan with Monzo, does that reduce your monthly amount, or reduce your term? I thought it would reduce your term (as that’s what’s happened with loans i’ve had elsewhere, and what happens with Flex).
Wouldn’t you get a new “agreement” to show the change in cost/term?

Hey @beckyleighhaley :wave:

Sorry to hear that you’re having issue getting the letter you want from our team.

I’m gonna send you a DM to see if there’s any way I can get someone in the right team to take a look.

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What bank actually does this?

I’m confused what you’d ever need this for unless someone is going to pay it for you but being very difficult in the process.

As they note, it’ll be the mortgage provider asking for this. They will want to know what the new monthly payment is to understand month to month outgoings.

I’m not aware of any bank that would offer this, but I would think that a statement showing the new monthly payment would be sufficient as a first step, while you wait for the letter from Monzo that might come


I’ve had bespoke letters from HSBC for things like visa applications so they do do this.


Oh, my bad!

Completely missed the last sentence :joy:

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I thought that if you make an overpayment on your loan that the monthly payment stays the same, you just make fewer of them - or am I mistaken?

Loans reduce remaining payments.

Flex takes off the end payments.

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