Monzo Loan Topup

I see a new button on current loans called Borrow More, had appeared.

I thought I’d go through the process just to see what happens at the end. It’s rightly turned me down as expected as I’ve recently just taken a loan out and don’t need anymore as I’d then have limited money left each month.

There’s an issue with the message though about the reasoning why. A couple is /n/n appear

P.S it’s come up as a vote,I don’t need votes :sweat_smile:

Thanks for reporting - I’ve shared this internally :slight_smile:


I’ve see a few people asking for loan topups \n\n Another improvement and a tick off the list :white_check_mark:


Where was the borrow more button. I’m on iOS and can’t find it anywhere

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It’s not fully released yet, I believe. Was spotted in Android teardown the other day

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Under the Loan ‘card’ in the carousel. Android s/shot:

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It’s not fully launched yet to all customers, hence why there has been no announcement yet. Should be on iOS in the next few of weeks.


I think you asked me to message you time ago to let me know when this was coming :slight_smile:

Any chance we can get it quicker? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Afraid not - it’s waiting for app version updates.

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I believe \n is supposed to negate a new line being used. In HTML it is used as a line break anyway. Why there’s two though? that seems to be breaking the formatting - pun intended

You can have as many \n as you like.

One will make it \n
go onto a new line and two \n\n

Will make it like a new paragraph.

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Fixed now :raised_hands:

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Landed in iOS - Just waiting for a server release now to show the button in the app

It turned up for me yesterday afternoon

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Is the button showing for you on iOS?
It’s not showing for me yet. Must be a gradual roll out. I was told that it would be a full release to iOS users at the same time by @TheoGibson

iOS TestFlight

And they wouldn’t let me increase my loan so waiting was worth it

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Topped my loan up today :muscle: nice easy process at least. Shows you the difference between what you’re currently paying and what you’ll end up paying.

I’ve taken a bit more than needed just as a contingency, with any that I don’t use, I’ll just pay back that bit earlier.

I started making overpayments too and I’ve found that I can probably continue doing so month after month.

There is no way to edit the monthly amount and you can’t schedule an overpayment either so it’s a bit of a cumbersome process at the moment.

I schedule the overpayment into a pot so that it is set aside with all my other bill money when I’m paid at the beginning of the month. Then I have to remember to withdraw it (because no payment from pots) and then swipe to the loan tab to make a payment.

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Yeah when I’ve overpaid it’s always been when I pay back my normal monthly payment. Like you say it is a bit cumbersome, ideally would be nice to say on X date I want to pay this much extra until I say stop.

At least though it’s easy to just do this, with other loans at other banks it’s always been a case for me, of you need to contact them to say I’m paying this much extra can I have the bank details to transfer it over.

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