Lloyds autofailing Monzo.me 3DS payments

Today I helped my mum open a Monzo account. Like most people, I noticed she was enjoying the user flow until it came to load the account with money - somehow (in my limited experience) people seem to think it is Monzo’s fault that their legacy bank makes it difficult to add a new payee and I’m often met with comments like “And now I have to go get my card reader? Why? That’s such a faff, you told me using Monzo would be easy!”

Anyway, as a workaround, I suggested my mum use her Monzo.me link to pay in an initial £100 so she could use Monzo for a while and see that the benefits outweighed having to dig out her card reader etc.

Her Lloyds visa debit kept auto failing when it got to the 3D secure and I wonder if anyone else had noticed this? I wonder if Lloyds is being a bit sneaky to make trouble for the competition or am I being paranoid?

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I don’t think that they’d deliberately block the transaction, maybe it was just caught out by their fraud systems. It might be worth calling up Lloyds’ fraud department, they should ideally be able to sort it out for her.

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FWIW, I set up a SO from my Lloyds account to Monzo last week, and they flagged it as potential fraud, and had to call them.

I’ve had my Lloyds account for years, and the only time it’s ever had anything flagged was Monzo! Easily fixed, but not a great look for Monzo.

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The cynical part of me wonders if this is a deliberate move by Lloyds to put people off using Monzo…

Anyone know if they do the same for Starling etc?

If I’d have to guess, I’d imagine it’s to do with Monzo attracting more potential fraudsters, due to the ease of account opening, and Lloyds being extra alert for it.

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