Live Q&A with Hugo Cornejo, Mondo's Head of Design 🖌

Happy Monday!

On Wednesday at 6.30pm, we’ll be doing a live Q&A with @hugo (our Head of Design) on Periscope: :slight_smile:

You can ask him anything—have a go at him for the button colors, layout, lack of Android app, style of icons etc. (as well as more serious questions on design and why Mondo looks the way it does).

See you there hopefully :smiley:


OMG, I better start preparing…


This is happening today at 6.30pm! If you can’t watch it live, let me know any questions you have in this thread and we’ll do our best to answer them :slight_smile:

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Any chance of say an embedded YouTube live broadcast on the site for those of us that don’t have periscope?

Cheers Tristan!

Been meaning to ask this since last year…

Hot coral was an inspired card colour choice that has received tonnes of positive feedback.

@hugo provided some fascinating insight into the team’s reasoning behind the choice here.

Hey Hugo,

Q1. Is there an equally ingenious backstory behind your avatar (colour) or a link between the two?

Q2. Will hot coral form part of the new brand’s principal colours or be restricted to just the card?

EDIT: A few more… Feel free to pick any (or none!)

Q3. Which designer(s) are you most inspired by?

Q4. Is there an app(s) that you feel has hit the design ball out of the park?

Q5. Which upcoming Mondo features are you most excited about?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think we might have to push this back to 6.30 because we have lots going on today! Sorry for the change :slight_smile: I’ll edit above

Are periscope videos available to view after the event? Unfortunately I missed this.

yes, the link is here:


Brilliant! I was hoping that would be the case.